Jessica Jones: The 10 Best Fight Scenes, Ranked

Now that Marvel's Jessica Jones (along with the rest of the Netflix MCU shows) has come to a close, it seems like the perfect time to reflect on the entirety of the show and reminisce on it's best and worst moments. And while Jessica Jones was always a superhero show with a whole lot of girl power and soul, one thing that every viewer was undeniably looking forward to was watching a whole bunch of badasses kick butt and take names like it's their job. Because it kind of was.

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Jessica and her squad had a lot of memorable moments throwing down, but there were some particular fights that will definitely leave a lasting impact on viewers. Some of them were meaningful, some of them were scary, some of them were downright fun, but all of them were memorable. But in the end, which Jessica Jones fight scenes managed to break the top 10 of all time?

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10 Jessica Stops A Mugging

As far as fight scenes go, Jessica's throw down with a pair of ruthless muggers in episode five of season one isn't particularly visually thrilling or even eventful. Except in reality, it's one of the most important events in the history of the series.

Jessica intervenes when two thieves are about to finish off their target because he's seen their faces, and it's only after the scene is nearing its conclusion that we realize that Jessica just saved none other than Malcolm Ducasse. But the real life-altering moment for this fight is that it's the first time that Jessica catches Kilgrave's attention, which becomes the entire driving force of the story going forward.

9 I Don't Hurt Dogs

The second time might just be the charm for the Jessica and Luke fighting tag team. The first bar fight where Luke and Jessica both realize that they're not average Joes was a great intro, but when they decide to team up and fight off a group of thugs in episode six of season one, we see them really show off their skills.

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Unsurprisingly, Jessica and Luke manage to fend off a loan shark and his crew, but the unquestionably most memorable moment of the entire showdown is when Jessica inquires as to whether or not the crew's guard dogs are alright, and Luke obviously assures her that they're fine.

8 Will Thinks He Killed Trish

Even at the start of the series, Trish was a formidable opponent, but the surprise attack from police officer Will Simpson was enough to catch anyone off guard. Trish puts up one hell of a fight but it looks like she's on the losing end, that is until Jessica intervenes. Obviously, Jessica could wipe the floor with Will in two seconds flat, but Jessica has more than one secret weapon up her sleeve. Jessica knows that Will won't stop because of Kilgrave's compulsion, so with some quick thinking, Jessica manages to fool Will into believing that Trish was really dead.

7 Death By 1,000 Cuts

Kilgrave definitely has a flair for drama and penchant for unabashed sadism, so it should come as no surprise that when Hogarth's soon to be ex-wife describes Jeri's behavior as death by 1,000 cuts Kilgrave seeks to make that euphemism a reality. Kilgrave's idea of cleaning up his messes usually winds up with things getting even messier, and while it comes as no surprise that Hogarth somehow manages to survive by the skin of her teeth it's still abjectly horrifying to watch Wendy slash up her body and methodically count every brutal strike. You can't deny that that's some pretty poetic and creative vengeance, though.

6 Jessica & Luke Vs. The World

Or rather, Jessica and Luke vs. a bar. Jessica's fascination with Luke was originally driven by the tragic intersection of their fates when, at Kilgrave's behest, Jessica "takes care" of an innocent woman who just so happens to be Luke's wife. But their relationship grows into something quite a bit more when they tag team a bunch of drunken idiots and come to the realization that they both have supernatural powers. This moment lays the groundwork both for their burgeoning relationship and for the Defenders, so seeing these two heroes grow into their roles and their relationship is a great moment in the series.

5 Hellcat Kills Foolkiller

Watching Trish sojourn further and further down a dark path definitely wasn't easy, but let's be real, watching her beat Gregory Salinger to death was pretty darn easy. In the final moments of the Foolkiller, Trish Walker certainly lived up to the name of her alter ego Hellcat.

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Trish didn't just end Salinger's life, she ripped him to shreds with enough fury to even shake Jessica and Hogarth's normally strong stomachs. It wasn't a pleasant death to be sure, but after what Salinger did to Trish's mother it was more than earned, and while Trish looked every inch the badass disarming Salinger's guards before finishing him off, the feeling behind it was what made this such a memorable moment.

4 Mommy Issues

The revelation that Jessica's mother actually did survive the accident that Jessica believed killed her entire family was quite a shocking moment in season two, but the hits just didn't stop coming after that. Jessica learned that her mother Alisa was also superpowered, but that one of the main reasons her mom had stayed away from her (and from the world) for so long was because she had a lot of trouble controlling herself. Eventually, Jessica comes to the realization that something has to be done about the threat her mother poses, and when Jessica finally calls the cops on her mom, things sadly but unsurprisingly come to blows.

3 Trish Does What Needs Doing

Trish has often prided herself on her ability to do what she believes is right no matter the cost, and at no time is this clearer than when Trish decides to kill Jessica's mother because she believes it's what will save Jessica.

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At the very moment that Jessica is having a heart to heart with Alisa, a sudden gunshot to the head kills her long lost mother. When Jessica realizes that Trish is the one who pulled the trigger, she doesn't hesitate to go after her sister, and for a moment, it looks like Jessica might actually do some serious damage to Trish.

2 Jessica Takes Trish Down

The one relationship that has truly been the heart and soul of Jessica Jones throughout the course of the series has been the sisterly bond between Jessica and Trish. So to see that relationship devolve to this point, where Trish seems to legitimately be prepared to kill Jessica in order to save herself and continue on what she believes is her "heroic" mission is a genuinely heartbreaking moment. Seeing these two superpowered girls go head to head is definitely an interesting physical match up, but what really matters here is the emotional and narrative content of the confrontation, and it's easy to see why this tragic fight was saved for last.

1 Smile

Kilgrave is legitimately everyone's nightmare come to life, but the violation and abuse that Jessica suffered at his hands was beyond compare. Jessica's final showdown with Kilgrave is definitely the most over the top confrontation she ever has simply because of the sheer number of mind-controlled adversaries that she has to face, but the emotional impact of it is so much stronger.

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Kilgrave trying to take Trish from Jessica, Jessica lulling Kilgrave into the belief that she can be controlled by him once again, Jessica telling Trish that she loves her when Kilgrave believes that love is directed at him, and the final moment of Jessica telling Kilgrave to smile just before she kills him is the most satisfying climax of the series.

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