Jessica Jones Star Was Accidentally Knocked Out During Season 2 Filming

According to Krysten Ritter, the set of Jessica Jones season 2 was almost as dangerous as Hell's Kitchen. Now that The Defenders is finished, the various heroes of the Marvel-Netflix universe are heading back to some solo adventures. Of course, they won't be completely on their own. So far, we've learned that both Iron Fist and Misty Knight will be coming to season 2 of Luke CageJessica Jones, meanwhile, might need some help of her own.

While Kilgrave may have been killed at the end of Jessica Jones season 1, we know the villain is all set to return in some manner. Likely, he'll remain a presence in Jessica's traumatized mind as she seeks to move on with her life and her investigation business. And while things will be hard for the hero in the show, it sounds as if the lead actor had a pretty rough time while filming the new season.

Women's Health has Krysten Ritter on the cover this month, and while talking with the actor they learned of a fairly harrowing moment from the set of season 2 of Jessica Jones. Apparently, while filming a fight scene, a punch landed on Ritter a bit too hard. The result saw her almost biting through her tongue before passing out from the force. Luckily, Ritter appears to be doing fine.

Ritter also revealed that, despite the incident, she still loves that she had to learn to fight for the role of Jessica. Despite her extensive acting experience, it wasn't until she played a superhero that she needed to learn to throw a punch. Now, fight training is one of her favorite parts of the job.

“I felt like such a loser the first time [punching.] I didn’t know how to throw a punch—why would I? Who knows how to throw a punch? Now I do it all the time, and it makes me feel strong. It’s so fucking fun.”

Considering Jessica's fighting style is more about brawling with her raw strength than using martial arts, it seems that Ritter does most of her own work. It's because of that she was able to sustain her injury, but it also lets her really get into the part. And while it wouldn't be a season of Jessica Jones without some action, it's clear that things will be getting deeply personal when the show returns.

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Jessica Jones season 2 will debut on Netflix sometime in 2018.

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