Jessica Biel as Thor's Love Interest?

I just had to continue praising Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, didn’t I?

Earlier today, I wrote about some updates of how things were progressing very well with the development of the Thor feature film and that Marvel and its people were very happy with and working positively towards a film with great potential.

Then came the news later today that Jessica Biel is currently in contract negotiations for a role in the film…

The rumor originates from Nuke The Fridge where one of their inside sources claims that Biel is in talks to join the cast as the love interest of Thor. Their source wasn’t sure on which character that may be but was convinced that it was one of the female characters featured in the Thor section of the Hulk Vs. set.

If true, that would mean that the 7th Heaven star would likely be playing either Sif or Amora, The Enchantress. Sif is an Asgardian Warrior who was a love interest of Thor so that could work. As for Amora, in the comics she was the villainous antagonist who has both worked with Thor’s nemesis, Loki, and used her powers to sway the mighty God of Thunder to her side.

My guess goes to Amora.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against Biel, I just don’t think her experience and talents mesh with those cast and involved with the film so far. Perhaps that’s unfair and maybe she gave a perfect audition for one of the roles.

Either way, I much prefer the Natalie Portman rumor to play the female lead in the film. I think she’s much more talented and much easier to take seriously. Biel on the other hand has recently been involved with some very unimpressive projects and roles and I can’t really take her seriously. Could they both be playing prominent roles in the film?

Maybe the folks behind the film are banking on Biel’s appeal with the younger crowds that a bunch of Shakespearean actors or unknowns wouldn’t be able to draw in as easily, especially in a film that will be the most difficult to sell out of Marvel’s in-development projects.

Again, I do not dislike Biel by any means and if by chance she does land a role in the film, I’ll reserve judgment until I see her performance.

What do you think of Biel joining the cast of Thor, and who should she play?

Thor is scheduled to hit theaters May 20, 2011.

Source: Nuke The Fridge

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