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New Girl’s final season, although short, gave the main characters the ending they deserved, but what happened to Jess Day after the series ended? New Girl premiered in 2011 and quickly became very popular among viewers thanks to its combination of comedy and drama, as well as its colorful yet relatable characters, especially Jess.

New Girl followed quirky teacher Jess (Zooey Deschanel), who after a very bad break-up ends up moving into an all-guys apartment. Her arrival shakes-up the lives of her roommates Nick (Jake Johnson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield), Coach (Damon Wayans Jr), and Winston (Lamorne Morris), but they end up forming a very strong bond and a big (and a bit weird) family. Throughout the series, viewers followed Jess’ professional and personal life, which were truly a roller-coaster ride.

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Jess’ passion was teaching, and jumped from middle school teacher to principal of a private school. As for her personal life, her most memorable relationship was with Sam Sweeney, but broke up with him after realizing she had feelings for Nick. In New Girl season 7, Jess started working at her ex-boyfriend Russell’s company and was in a stable relationship with Nick, but things took a turn on the final episodes. Nick proposed to Jess, and on their wedding day, Russell revealed he still had feelings for Jess. Still, Nick and Jess got married and moved out of the loft on the last episode, as Winston tricked them into believing they were being evicted. But what happened after that?

FOX’s New Girl embarks on its final season with a string of steadily funny episodes that finally bring its characters into the next phase of their lives.

Before her wedding, which ended up being in the hospital where Aly was having Winston’s baby, Jess mentioned that she might be unemployed as she rejected Russell, who was her boss. It’s unclear if she kept her job or not, but taking into account that she wasn’t completely comfortable there, she probably left for good and went back to teaching. Supposing Nick revived his career as an author, Jess would have probably gone touring with him – before they had kids, that is. The flash-forward in the New Girl series finale showed Jess and Nick eventually have a son, and they are still very close to Cece, Schmidt, Winston, and Aly, playing a round of True American all together, including their kids (with root beer, of course).

As a mother, Jess would be like she was with her youngest students: sweet, protective, understanding, and always bringing very creative ideas to help them express themselves. Jess and Nick would probably follow Cece and Schmidt’s model and Jess would be the working parent with Nick staying at home, working on his new novel. But by far the best part of Jess’ life after New Girl is that she remained close to her best friends and their families, proving that the loft wasn’t what kept them all together.

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