First Look At 'Geordie Shore' AKA 'Jersey Shore' UK

Geordie Shore

Looks like Vinny, Pauly D, Mike “The Situation,” Ronnie, Sammi, Snooki and J-Wow are going to have some competition, as MTV UK is expanding the cult-hit reality series Jersey Shore to England with Geordie Shore.

This time, instead of focusing a particular ancestry, the UK version of Jersey Shore is focusing on the North East region of England (typically Newcastle), where its inhabitants are (sometimes) lovingly dubbed "Geordies" because of their accents.

While famed British presenters Ant and Dec, Big Brother UK’s commentator Marcus Bentley, and The X Factor’s (UK and US) pop darling judge Cheryl Cole from Girls Aloud are all proud to be called Geordies, MTV UK’s Geordie Shore is moving past any sort of Geordie glitz and is focusing on delivering the best of the best of the “Geordie shore.”

Set to premiere on May 24, Geordie Shore has already cast their version of the famed Jersey Shore group. With cast members like “Diva” Jay (who is rarely pictured with his top on cause he’s so buff), and Holly (who calls herself the most real “fake” person you’ll ever come across), it appears that MTV UK is filling the talent pool with as many familiar Jersey Shore personality types as possible.

You can take a look at the preview of Geordie Shore below:


With the lack of familiar catchphrases like “cabs are here” and “it’s t-shirt time,” the cast of the Geordie Shore are going to have to create their own quirky tag lines… and that’s exactly what they did.

Here are some catchphrases that viewers can expect to hear:

“I’m as game as a badger.”

“My spare tire just means lads have a cushion for the pushin’”

“When it comes to the lasses, I do more groundwork than Alan Titchmarsh.”

“Has anyone got any sticky tape, because I’m ripped.”

While most of these may fall flat, those who consider themselves Anglophiles have to at least chuckle at the reference of the popular British Gardener Alan Titchmarsh.

Geordie Shore Cast
Cast of "Geordie Shore"

Typically, in the world of television, viewers are most likely to see an American version of a British series, but with Geordie Shore, MTV is attempting to create a hit on both sides of the pond. Even though many people cite the drinking and promiscuity as the reason for Jersey Shore’s popularity, one has to give them credit for casting a group of people that not only treat each other as family, but also know how to be entertaining in front of the camera.

Considering that reality television has attempted this many times and very rarely succeeded, it’s hard to believe that Geordie Shore will be a hit. Of course, even if it is terrible, teaming Geordie Shore with Jersey Shore in the lineup may allow the new series to stick around longer than expected.


Geordie Shore premieres May 24 @10pm on MTV UK

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Source: MTV UK

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