Jersey Shore: The Situation’s Prison Timeline, Explained

Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s The Situation’s prison timeline is a bumpy one. Reality star Mike Sorrentino has grown significantly from his days as a fist-pumping partier down in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. He has tamed his wild ways, settling down in a fatherly role for the rest of his roommates.

Sorrentino has been staying in Otisville Federal Correctional Institution for the past 9 months and is looking forward to his release at the end of the month. The once party-loving New Jersey native was sentenced back in October for tax fraud along with his brother, Mark. The U.S. Government charged Sorrentino for not paying 8.9 million dollars in taxes. The brothers started a corporation, but both failed to report any income. The Situation appeared on all six seasons of the hit show Jersey Shore until its end in 2012. After getting into trouble, Sorrentino turned over a new leaf, devoting his time to speaking at addiction centers and counseling others through the murky water of recovery. Here's The Situation's prison timeline, explained.

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Claim to Fame: While starring on Jersey Shore, which aired back in 2009, Sorrentino made millions from his salary and endorsement deals. He worked with a vodka company, as well as making many celebrity appearances at night clubs.

The Situation's Uncontrollable Season: On season 4 of Jersey Shore, back in 2011, fans watched as Sorrentino spiraled out of control, going as far as putting his head through a cement wall during an argument with Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. This was the season Sorrentino recognized that he had a problem with drugs and alcohol.

Double Trouble: Sorrentino opened his own tanning salon called Boca Tanning Club, which he co-owned in Middletown, New Jersey. He also helped create a spray tan only model, which was highly profitable. During this time, four employees had bounced checks, which they reported to the police. The trouble continued when Sorrentino’s lawyer sued him for the unpaid legal bills, which totaled $ 29,175. The salon was closed down due to unpaid rent.

Rehab Stint: As a result of an assault charge brought on by his brother, Sorrentino agreed to enter an anger management program. At the same time, Sorrentino was supposed to appear in Florida, regarding his lawyer suing him, but he never appeared in front of the judge.

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The Band of Brothers: In 2014, the Sorrentino brothers were first indicted after their failure to pay taxes on 8.9 million dollars of income between the years of 2010 and 2012.

Additional Charges: In April of 2017, the Sorrentino brothers were additionally charged by the Department of Justice, in which both brothers plead guilty and could face a maximum of 5 years behind bars. The Situation was required to pay $123,913 in restitution. He announced that he had been sober for 18 months after his second stint in rehab due to his relapse from 2015 when he used prescription drugs after cracking his rib in the gym.

Gym, Tan, We’re Engaged: The Situation announced on April 24, 2018, via his social media that he was engaged to college sweetheart Lauren Pesce. The couple dated for four years while in college, then took a break when Sorrentino joined the Jersey Shore cast.

The Verdict: In October of 2018, Sorrentino is officially sentenced to serve prison time. He is granted 60 days of freedom until he must surrender himself on January 15, 2019.  Sorrentino is prohibited from opening any bank accounts, unless given explicit permission from a U.S. Probation Officer. This includes opening a joint account with his wife-to-be.

The I Dos: The Situation made it official and finally wed his long-time girlfriend, Lauren, in an extravagant wedding in New Jersey. All of his roommates were invited; the boys were his best men while JWoww’s and Snooki’s daughters were the flower girls.

There were rumors that the Situation will be released from prison on September 12, after his almost year-long stay. While lying and defrauding the federal government is a very serious crime, fans are hoping that The Situation’s time is up, and he can soon begin his new journey, having paid his debt to society. It goes to show that celebrity status doesn't exempt anyone from the rules of the law.

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