Jersey Shore’s The Situation Isn’t Taking Post-Prison Life for Granted

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Jersey Shore’s The Situation isn’t taking post-prison life for granted. The MTV star wants to make sure he lives every day to its fullest and spend all the quality time he possibly can with his loved ones.

In 2014, Mike Sorrentino was indicted after he failed to pay taxes on 8.9 million dollars of income between the years of 2010 and 2012. In April of 2017, Sorrentino was additionally charged by the Department of Justice, and both The Situation and his brother plead guilty and were told they could face a maximum of 5 years behind bars. The Situation was required to pay $123,913 in restitution and a fine for $10,000, which he did before starting his jail sentence, the reality star has been behind bars since January of 2019 and was released in September.

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The Jersey Shore alum is not taking his freedom for granted. Sorrentino just gave his first interview to ETin which he reflected on his time spent behind bars of the federal prison. He said that the sentence made him put his life into perspective and changed his outlook on life. He said that he feels as if he has become a changed man, and now that he can see his wife every day, his situation is just fantastic. He continued to say that he is living a healthy and sober lifestyle which was his main priority. He also dropped a hint that he was back filming for MTV and hanging out with his roommates, who he was thankful supported him through his entire sentence.


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The reality star became serious when it came to the topic of his freedom, saying that people don’t realize what they take for granted until it's taken away. Serving time in a federal prison, there was always a schedule and strict rules, so when he was released, he told himself he needed to take in every minute. This made the Jersey native smile and say, “Once you get out, you are taking advantage [of] every minute. Every second, every meal, every conversation with my beautiful wife, with my friends.” He then turned and looked at Lauren, his wife, and said he was very excited to see what the future has in store for both of them.

The Situation’s main goal was to handle the charges and punishment with grace. He wanted to make it easier on his family, but also show the younger generation how to keep their heads up while faced with adversity. Even though the star admits it was a big mistake he made, he is happy it is all behind him now, allowing him to move on and move forward down a better path. Fans of the hit MTV show can agree that watching Sorrentino stay positive was probably the best way to handle such an unfortunate situation.

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