Jersey Shore’s The Situation Lost 36 Pounds in Prison from Fasting

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation's The Situation lost 36 pounds in prison from fasting. The self-proclaimed "Papa Sitch" is back in action, ready to show off his new and improved physique.

In a recent Instagram post, the star showed fans what it looks like to turn a negative situation into a positive one and how his body looks now after losing the 36 pounds. He titled the photo saying it was “#clapbackseason.” Before turning himself into authorities, Sorrentino gorged on his favorite fast food, causing him to gain a bit of weight before his sentence started in January. For the reality star, being a prisoner was sort of a cleanse for him as he did not have access to his favorite foods.

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In a People exclusive, the Situation showed off his big guns that he worked so hard for over the past eight months. Not only had the reality star walked free from jail, he also dropped nearly 40 pounds while behind bars. Earlier in September, the MTV star finished serving his sentence for tax fraud, and upon his release he shared with fans the secrets to his success. Mike’s regimen consisted of intermittent fasting and an intense workout that he performed like a ritual, multiple times a day.

The reality star decided to go to sleep every night at 10pm and was awoken at around 7 in the morning. At that time, he would go to the cardio room and run for an hour while fasting. He would actively choose to fast between 16 to 17 hours during weekdays and 18 to 19 hours on the weekend. Many fans wonder if the reality star chose to fast because the food was not of high quality. Along with the fasting, The Situation worked out every day, two to three times. He even worked out on holidays as to not miss a chance on improving his body, and working out on the holidays helped him cope with being away from his friends and family. He said that his birthday and Easter were particularly hard for him as they are usually a reason for a big family get-together.

For Sorrentino, focusing on his diet and workout regime made his prison stay easier overall. Now that he has his freedom, Sorrentino is taking a page from his roommate, the “Keto Guido” Vinny Guadagninio and trying his hand at the low carb diet. As of now, things appear to be looking up for the Jersey Shore star.

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Source: People