Jersey Shore: 15 Secrets Behind Sammi And Ronnie's Relationship

One of the most famous couples ever to cuss their way through a reality show, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola are one of the most integral parts of Jersey Shore's success. The show swept across the nation back in 2009, and was popular enough to be renewed for six total seasons, and that doesn't even include the many reunions, behind-the-scenes episodes, spinoff series, and the recent Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. 

Boasting a kind of mix between New Jersey Italian-American reality and soap opera absurdity, Jersey Shore was also memorable for the focus on party culture in the boardwalk clubs. Seemingly rising above all this, Ronnie and Sammi fell in love fast and hard in the very first season.

While they seemed to be a little more mature than the other cast members at first, this impression quickly faded. The relationship devolved into an endless gauntlet of drama, fighting, and even physical altercations, which apparently continued on and off the camera.

Ronnie and Sammi broke up for the final time in 2014, meaning that their tumultuous on-and-off relationship lasted just five years in total. It felt like much longer than that thanks to the paparazzi coverage. Thanks to that coverage, however, we now have access to a wealth of secrets from the romance, ranging from their friends and family's opinion on them, to the fights they had, to the reason they finally split for good. As with anything from the Shore, it's a wild ride, so strap in.

These are 15 Crazy Secrets Behind Ronnie And Sammi's Relationship.

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15 They’ve broken up and gotten back together too many times to count

Well, it's not like most reality show relationships are built to withstand the test of time. Ronnie and Sammi's relationship was troubled from day one, and that is reflected by their constant breaking up and getting back together. After starting their romance way back in season one, they had broken up by the start of season two. They got back together in season three, but it was over by season four, - until they got back together by episode three.

This continued throughout the show's run, both on and off screen, and we're not even counting the times they seemed to break up and get back together in the same episode.

It's safe to say, the relationship has always been a stormy one, prone to falling out and making up.

14 They ended the show as a couple, but it didn’t last

A lot of fictional television shows have one core couple that you just always knew was going to end up together, no matter what. That's not all that common for reality TV shows, due to their high turnover and relative lack of genuine relationships. Jersey Shore became the exception to that rule.

Ronnie became the Ross to Sammi's Rachel at the end of the sixth season in 2012.

While they may have gotten back together in time for the series finale, even this incarnation of the relationship didn't last. They stayed together until some time in 2014, so it was definitely a serious relationship, but just like all the other times the two former lovebirds tried to make it work, it didn't. Sometimes a relationship that endures on screen can't do the same in real life.

13 Ronnie might still love Sammi

Snooki, Ronnie, and Deena on Jersey Shore

After breaking up for the last time in 2014 (aside from some rumored flings that came later), Ronnie and Sammi have since moved on to several new significant others.

Ronnie actually had a baby with his most recent serious girlfriend, Jen Harley, but this apparently was not enough to make that romance stand the test of time.

They broke up just this year, and naturally, rumors began swirling afterwards.

Chief among them is the speculative gossip that Ronnie still carries the torch for his old flame Sammi. An unnamed "insider" claimed that Ron "still loves Sam," before adding that "everybody knows it." If this is true, it doesn't seem the affection is reciprocated, since Sammi has made no such indication that she might still think of Ronnie that way.

12 The infamous anonymous letter

Season two of Jersey Shore began with Ronnie and Sammi newly single, but still living in the same house with the rest of the cast. While it may have seemed to the rest of the cast that the nightmare was over, things quickly proved to be just as awkward with the romance broken up. Ronnie appeared to be trying to win Sammi back while partying it up with random girls at bars, and the other girls weren't having it.

Writing an "anonymous" letter to Sammi detailing all the things they had seen Ronnie do, it actually blew up in Snooki and JWoww's face. Sammi ended up siding with Ronnie and fighting with JWoww, not the other way around. The letter would be a cause of drama for several episodes.

11 Sammi Lied to Ronnie too

As the infamous anonymous letter should inform you, Ronnie and Sammi had something of a habit of hiding their behavior from one another. Ronnie's behavior is the better known, as he partied and hid his irresponsible side from Sam while trying to win her back, but Sammi certainly isn't blameless.

In the notorious third season, a guy called Arvin, who had been texting Sammi, entered the picture.

This got out to the whole group, and Sam quickly said that their relationship was only platonic. This turned out to be a lie--Sam had been with Arvin before she had dated Ronnie. In both cases, they always lied so the other would think better of them, but it always backfired.

10 Their parents and castmates wanted them to end it

Jersey Shore cast in Florence, Italy

Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of Ronnie and Sammi's relationship is the fact that just about everyone in their life wanted it to be over. While some of those people were extremely vocal about it, others may surprise you.

Pauly D spoke for the group when he said he felt like ending himself if they stayed together

Ronnie and Sammi's own parents weren't happy when they kept getting back together. Apparently, much like the cast of the show, they got tired of the constant fighting and drama. The two exes didn't listen at the time, however, as they continued to date for years despite their loved ones' misgivings.

9 JWoww approves of Sammi's new boyfriend 

One of Ronnie's most vocal critics was Jen "Jwoww" Farley, who repeatedly said on the show that they were wrong for each other and Ronnie's behavior was unacceptable.

Jwoww has a very different opinion about Sam's new man, Christian Biscardi. She spoke for the rest of the cast by saying, "We've met him and he is such a sweet guy. He makes Sammi happy, so he’s good in my book."

She didn't say anything about Ronnie at the time, but safe to say that if she approves of the new guy that enthusiastically, she thinks he's a better fit for Sam than Ronnie ever was.

8 Sammi wanted to get married

One of the things fans were most curious about when Jersey Shore: Family Vacation was announced was the chance to hear Ronnie's side of the final breakup between him and Sammi. According to Ronnie, the breakup, which occurred in 2014, came because he got scared of committing to the relationship.

This didn't work for Sammi, because - again, according to Ronnie - she wanted to get married. She essentially gave him a deadline by which he had to have proposed to her, and he got cold feet and didn't hold up his end of the bargain.

There were also other indiscretions - more on those in a moment - but the crux of the issue was that Ronnie couldn't commit like Sammi wanted.

7 Ronnie stepped out on her

Now we get to those indiscretions we mentioned earlier. That's right, while Sammi was talking about getting married, Ronnie got scared and ran off into the arms of another girl. Coupled with his fear of commitment, that pretty much ended the relationship right there.

If fans aren't happy that the romance didn't endure, blame Ronnie's infidelity.

This wasn't the first time the couple had dealt with the issue of potential cheating, but never was it so blatantly obvious. It's currently unknown exactly who Ronnie cheated with, but he admitted to it on Family Vacation. In the end, Ronnie apparently just couldn't be the man Sammi needed him to be.

6 They don't appear on TV together anymore

Since debuting in 2009, Jersey Shore has returned for six full seasons, two spin-off shows, multiple reunion episodes, and the recent Family Vacation. However, Ronnie and Sammi haven't enjoyed all of the most recent get-togethers, as they've studiously avoided each other in the last few.

Ronnie chose not to be a part of the Reunion Road Trip: Return to Jersey Shore.

He then also chose to skip former castmate Deena Cortese's wedding - although that was apparently due to a falling out between them. Then on Family Vacation, Sammi skipped the reunion series, saying that she wanted to avoid "toxic situations." This can only be a reference to Ronnie, as she was fine hanging out with the cast without him.

It seems the two have made it policy to avoid each other.

5 They started in a love triangle Situation

Pauly D, Mike The Situation and Ronnie in Seaside Heights in Jersey Shore

The first season of Jersey Shore has, by this point, gone down in the annals of reality TV history. Anyone who watched those episodes undoubtedly remembers this, but it's a secret to anyone who wasn't paying attention back in 2009.

Sammi's first suitor on the show wasn't actually Ronnie. It was The Situation.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino was the first guy in the house to crush on Sammi, and they seemed to have a real romance going for a little while. Ronnie muscled in after the fact, and Sammi managed to break The Situation's heart. Sorrentino bounced back, of course, partying with whole groups of girls just a couple episodes later--meanwhile, after several rounds of convincing, Ronnie won Sammi over and she was meeting his parents by the fifth episode.

4 Sammi's season 3 departure because of Ronnie

After all the conflict of the first two seasons, fans probably thought Ronnie and Sammi's relationship couldn't get any more toxic. Boy, were they wrong. The third season of Jersey Shore found the entire cast imploding in on itself, largely because of this one couple. Ronnie and Sammi fought constantly throughout the early episodes, and then each of them decided to try and make the other jealous.

At one point, Ronnie got so angry that he smashed up Sammi's furniture and threw her clothes out of his room. He even threw a bed with her on top of it.

This prompted Sam to leave the show for a few episodes, just to de-escalate the situation.

Obviously, the two broke up, but this was an especially ugly one, causing all kinds of vicious fights amongst the cast.

3 Ronnie’s violent tendencies were a consistent problem

All of the Jersey Shore castmembers have thrown a punch at one point or another on the show, but Ronnie seemed to have a particularly unhealthy relationship with violence. Starting in the first season where he was arrested for aggravated assault after punching a heckler, Sammi wondered if a guy that violent was the right fit for her.

Ronnie's violence didn't get much better, as we've already discussed how he destroyed Sammi's room when he was mad at her. While Sammi wasn't the least violent person - throwing punches at Ronnie and others in season three and beyond - Ronnie's violence always seemed to have the worst consequences for the house as a whole, not to mention his own legal issues.

2 The Situation banged his head against the wall over them

At one point or another, literally every single member of the Jersey Shore vocally disapproved of Ron and Sam as a couple. Since the toxic relationship was one of the main points of conflict throughout the entire show, it shouldn't be surprising that everyone else got tired of it. Mostly, everyone got mad that the relationship continued, since it was a constant problem.

Perhaps the most memorable of these incidents came when The Situation got so angry about it that he challenged Ronnie to a fight, and then when Ronnie didn't oblige, proceeded to ram his own head into a wall.

This required a hospital visit, but it was hardly the only fight caused by the couple.

Sammi tangled with every girl over it at one point or another, and all the guys just wanted it to end.

1 Sammi is on track to be the last female castmember to get married

Here's something Jersey Shore fans could never have predicted: Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola is the only female member of the cast that isn't currently engaged or married. The boys of Jersey Shore are a different case - none of them are married - so Ronnie probably isn't feeling the pressure. Do you think Sammi feels like the other girls have left her behind?

Looking back, this might have seemed unlikely, given that Sammi was the only one of the girls who seemed even interested in settling down in a long-term relationship. Now, JWoww, Snooki, and Deena are all married, and Angelina is engaged. While Sammi does have a serious boyfriend, you've got to wonder how she feels being the only one out of wedlock.


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