'Jersey Shore' Season 4 Headed To Italy

MTV has announced that 'Jersey Shore' Season 4 will be shot in Italy. How will native Italians react to America's favorite guidos and guidettes?


Now, some longtime readers of Screen Rant may be ready to blast me in the comments, but I'm sure that some of you reading this were lured here by the proclamations of the headline above - this news is for you. The rest of you who are ready to hate on this proud Jersey Shore lover - there are plenty of other articles for you to read. ;-)

MTV has confirmed that Jersey Shore Season 4 will be shot in Italy! Meaning that the JS cast will be taking their hijinks overseas, likely continuing to erode America's international relations.

So how will Europe react to The Situation's perennially missing shirts, Pauly D's hammerhead blowout hairdo, gorilla Ronnie's effeminate giggles and the entity only known as Snooki, I hear you asking? Well, my friend, therein lies the juicy trashy TV that millions of Jersey Shore fans have come to love wallowing in every week.

Said MTV Executive Vice President of Programming, Chris Linn:

"While the stateside "Jersey Shore" locales have become iconic for our audience it’s really the constantly evolving dynamic amongst the cast that keeps them coming back each season, and Europe is a fresh spin on a show that continues to reach new heights for us...The cast is headed to the birthplace of the culture they love and live by. We can’t wait to see what erupts as a result."

The gang reportedly won't be left out in the "Old Country" without a haven: cast member Vinnie Guadagnino has family in Italy who will open their doors (and their dinner table) to America's favorite guidos and guidettes. More than that, though, there are several questions that this news raises:

  • Which cast members will we see in Italia (specifically, will Sammy Sweetheart be back)?
  • How will actual native Italians react to a group of (possibly offensive) American-Italian stereotypes?
  • Will Italians accept those cast members who aren't even fully Italian? (Do your research, some of them aren't Italian.)
  • Will Italian women swoon for M.V.P.?
  • Can America suffer this kind of foreign relations nightmare?
  • Will Snooki ever find love???

All these questions - and others - will be exactly the sort of bait that hooks me and millions of other Americans into watching Jersey Shore season 4. Love or hate it, the show is a monster hit for MTV (8.9 million viewers as of the last episode) and the fact that they change locales every season has certainly kept things...interesting.

Jersey Shore Season 4 Italy

Personally, I'm glad they're taking this act overseas. Watching the current third season of Jersey Shore (which has returned the cast to the Seaside Heights setting of season 1), it's become apparent that what made the show so entertaining is no longer sustainable within an environment where these kids are now bonafide American celebrities. I've noted to other viewers all season that the increased presence of security guards and the hyper-awareness of every shore-head walking the boardwalk is robbing Jersey Shore of it's natural, organic aesthetic. Ok, Ok, I'm really more upset that the security details mean the opportunities for fights are fewer, and that the fists that do fly do so for shorter amounts of time. Maybe the lower profile setting of Italy will change all that...

You excited to hear Jersey Shore is going to Italy, or are you ashamed that I'm reporting this?

Jersey Shore season 4 starts filming in Italy in Spring 2011 and should air later in the year.

BONUS: The cast celebrate the news that they're going to Italy (not really, but suddenly this video is very fitting):


Source: MTV

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