Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Says He Working on Relationship with Jen, Despite Dark Past

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’s Ronnie Ortiz-Magro says he is working on his relationship with Jen Harley, despite the dark past. Hoping to turn over a new leaf with Harley, Ronnie has decided to ignore the fact that he has been physically abused and run over by a car so he can try to move forward in his life.

The tragic couple has had more than their ups and downs, to say the least. Every week it seemed to fans that Ortiz-Magro and Harley were in the news for some type of altercation which usually ended up being a domestic charge against Harley. The couple originally met in 2017 and then found out they were pregnant with their first daughter shortly after. Recently, Ortiz-Magro spent time in a facility to help him with his depression and drinking. He left in July saying he felt confident in his relationship and that he had made changes to his lifestyle.

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The Jersey Shore star made a decision recently with Harley to put in the effort and work on their relationship. Fans have heard this story one too many times and are about to call Ortiz-Magro the boy who cried wolf. The couple has decided to throw themselves once again, headfirst into a solid relationship for the sake of their daughter, Ariana Sky. In a Us Weekly exclusive, the couple agreed that they are not perfect but would try to be present in their love every day. The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star said staying in the relationship was really about caring for his daughter, he would like her to be as stable as possible.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley Jersey Shore

As recently as September 5th, the couple had called it quits due to the constant fighting. Harley confirmed the news on her Instagram, posting pictures of Ortiz-Magro with another woman, insinuating that Ronnie had been seeing her on the side. Harley had openly accused her ex-boyfriend of disappearing and cheating on her multiple times. She went on to say the mystery woman had been hanging all over the reality star. Ortiz-Magro quickly swooped in to address the social media posts by saying the woman in question had been a long-time family friend - nothing more.

The couple's main goal seems to be the pursuit of happiness. Fans are still very concerned with the state of their relationship as it seems both have not learned how to avoid arguing.  On the most current episode viewers watched as Ortiz-Magro spiraled again into a state of quiet, where he just constantly texted Harley. Some of the cast began to question if Ortiz-Magro had actually fallen off the wagon, hoping it would not lead to a ‘Ronpage’ as the roommates like to call it. Many are skeptical that the couple will work out in the end, but fans will have to wait and see if this time the couple makes it.

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Source: Us Weekly

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