Jersey Shore's JWoww Calls Roger Mathews Taking Divorce Public the 'Ultimate Betrayal'

Jersey Shore star Jenny "JWoww" Farley recently said that her ex-husband Roger Mathews taking their divorce public was the "ultimate betrayal." She wanted to keep their personal problems quiet for the sake of their kids.

Farley and Mathews met and began dating in 2010, while Farley was filming the first season of Jersey Shore. A little more than a year later, the two welcomed their first child, Meilani. They were then married in 2015, and the following year they welcomed their second child, Greyson. But things began to get rocky in their relationship and in September 2018, Farley filed for divorce. Shortly after, Mathews took to Instagram to say he wasn't done winning his wife back, but then proceeded to attack her on social media and in the press. Earlier this year, Farley accused Mathews of being emotionally and physically abusive toward her after he'd taken to Instagram to accuse her of breaking up their family and preventing him from seeing Meilani and Greyson. Now, Farley has officially set the record straight.

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On a recent episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, a reboot of the original Jersey Shore, Farley said that Mathews going public with the details of their divorce was the "ultimate betrayal." She explained that no matter how bad their relationship got, she always kept quiet in order to keep their issues out of the public eye for the sake of the children. She then debunked a lot of Mathews' claims, like that she was keeping him from seeing his kids. The producers of the show played a clip of her telling police that he's a good dad and wants him to see the children, but that she needed a break, as he continually fought with her in front of them.

Her BFF and co-star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi had her back, telling viewers that Farley let Mathews stay in the house with her and the kids after filing for divorce. This made the videos Mathews shared even more of a "low blow," Farley said. While she did file for a restraining order against him, she said she wanted a "breather," because he kept yelling in her face in front of their children. She'd also previously shared a clip of Mathews throwing her to the ground in their home. Farley also clarified that she didn't have Mathews arrested, but the cops were being nice by giving him a ride home. Polizzi added that he wouldn't be allowed access to his phone (which he used to post the Instagram videos) if he'd been arrested.

It's good that Farley had a chance to clear the air surrounding her divorce. She seems committed to keeping things civil between her and Mathews since he's the father of her children. Hopefully, he'll be as respectful as she's been and keep their personal issues off the internet. And, for Farley and the kids' sake, hopefully their divorce will be finalized soon.

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