15 Secrets Revealed In Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Yeah, buddy! Jersey Shore is back, and if these last episodes are any indication of what’s to come, there will be plenty of drama and fun to be had. The entire original cast has returned, minus Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Jennifer "JWoww" Farley, Michael "The Situation” Sorrentino, Paul "Pauly D" DelVecchio aka DJ Pauly D, Vinny Guadagnino, Deena Nicole Cortese, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, and even Angelina Pivarnick have all reunited for one wild vacation in Miami.

While a lot has changed since the original show, some things still remain the same. Marriage, children, break-ups, court dates; the cast has all had an eventful time apart. Even though they are all grown up now, the former housemates have a way of reminding us why we couldn’t stop watching them in the first place.

Fans have already gotten a good dose of Jersey Shore reality. Shore Store, owner Danny Merk made a brief appearance, leading to the revival of the infamous duck phone. We’ve gotten a “Cabs are here!” from Pauly D. We’ve even gotten comments about some of the more noticeable transformations the cast has gone through. As everyone knows, nothing is really off limits for this crew.

Living in the day and age of cell phones and social media, it’s hard to keep any secrets for long. However, if you’re a Jersey Shore fan and you’re paying attention, there’s already been plenty that’s been uncovered in the reboot.

Take a look at 15 Secrets Revealed In Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

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15 Marriage time for Pauly D?

DJ Pauly D might be single in the first two episodes, but the promos aired at the beginning has it looking like he may want to settle down.

Back in 2013, it was revealed that the Jersey Shore star had fathered a child.

Since that time, the famous DJ’s most well-known relationship was with pop singer Aubrey O’ Day. Could Pauly now be getting engaged to someone new? Early in February, pictures of “The Situation” and Vinny surfaced, where they were holding signs that read, “Do you want to date DJ Pauly D?” and “Do you want to marry DJ Pauly D?”

So far, what’s aired has Pauly looking at engagement rings and Vinny talking about his roommate’s proposal. Could this DJ be trading in his residency for something a bit more permanent?

14 Vinny is taken (sort of)

Yes, girls were a bit heartbroken when, in the first episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, it was revealed that Vinny had a girlfriend. Fans were expecting to see a single Vinny because with all of the press leading up to the premiere, that’s what was implied. As it would turn out, that would not be the case.

People would soon see (and probably could have pieced together via social media) that Vinny was in a solid relationship - with "was" being the key word.

The reason the world thought Vinny would be single on the show, is because he is very much single now.

He later announced the split after the show began airing. Early on, Vinny proves that being loyal and loving is definitely part of his real-life character.

13 "The Situation” has a big situation

Right away, we discover that Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino could be facing a much larger problem than initially thought. A now-sober “Situation” is looking at some serious jail time for tax evasion.

In the first episode we find out that it’s possible the reality star could wind up serving anywhere from 5-10 years.

He even gets delayed reuniting with his fellow cast members in Miami because he had to stay back in New Jersey for a plea hearing. After pleading guilty in federal court, he was granted permission to leave the state in order to film the show.

As of now, his future remains to be seen. While we know it’s serious, we still don’t know to what extent, but his sentencing is coming soon.

12 More drama for Ron and Sam

While Sam still shows no signs of making any appearances in Miami, her name is mentioned multiple times from the very beginning. It’s only natural, as she has remained close with all of the housemates except, of course, for Ron.

Even without the “Sweetheart” there, fans will not be disappointed as more Ron and Sam drama was revealed in the very first episode.

Early on, when we see Ronnie catching up with Pauly, he discloses a bit more information about what really went on between the couple. So, what did end the 8-year on-again, off-again romance? After the show’s initial run, Ronnie and Sam did, in fact, move in together. Ron was going to propose but ended up with cold feet.

In just a few short sentences, he then admitted to cheating on her, which was what inevitably led to the couple’s official break-up.

11 Sammi learns the truth about Ron – again

Just to add to the drama, back in March, MTV released an exclusive video which aired a whole bunch of Ronnie’s dirty secrets. The video depicts the roommates revealing to Sammi the truth behind what really happened with Ronnie back in Seaside Heights.

The infamous note which was recited in the video was originally typed up by Snooki and JWoww and given to Sammi nearly 10 years ago.

The dramatic re-enactment is recounted like a PSA, with the cast members reading aloud a series of events, which should have signaled as a warning. What may have been once overlooked is now very hard to miss. The video calls out Ron for getting girls’ numbers, dancing with other females, and yes, even cheating.

10 Ronnie may not be over Sam

As it would appear, Ronnie may not exactly be over his former “Sweetheart.” While he has since become a dad and says in the show that he’s ready to settle down, his inability to stop talking about Sam, along with some loaded comments, leads viewers to think he’s not really over it.

He believes Sam didn’t want to do the reboot because of him; and he likely isn’t wrong.

She’s clearly stated she opted out because she was in a good place with her new beau and didn’t want to be around “potentially toxic situations.” While she may be doing just fine, it was clear from Ronnie’s conversation with Deena in the club that he may be having a hard time letting go of some of his own feelings. The not-so-sober discussion had him sounding like there are a few things on his end that are yet to be resolved.

9 Ronnie in more relationship trouble?

We all know that Ron and Sam had problems, but now it seems his issues may run just as deep in his current relationship. Ronnie had already announced back in December that he was going to be a father, so, at the start, we see him living with his very pregnant girlfriend. But, as audiences quickly discover, Ron may not have given up all of his old habits in his new life.

With the constant referral to the show as his “bachelor party” and him immediately throwing out the idea that he can still look at other girls, it is easy to conclude that things may still be a bit murky in that area. All signs point to the notion that Ronnie may be getting extra friendly with girls other than the one he’s with while in Miami.

8 Why was Ronnie MIA at Deena’s wedding?

People concluded that the obvious absence of Ron at Deena’s wedding was due to Sam, but, as it turns out, there might be more to the story. It’s no secret that Sam and Deena have remained pretty close over the years and that her breakup with Ron could have easily caused a rift within the Jersey Shore circle. But, as Deena revealed, she has her own feelings toward Ron that have nothing to do with his previous relationship. Sadly, Deena’s father passed away in 2016, only a few months after she got engaged.

While claims were made about why Ron was MIA from the 2017 ceremony, Deena recently unleashed on him about her disappointment in his behavior.

After losing her father, she admitted to distancing herself from her former roommate when he failed to reach out. Ronnie has since apologized.

7 Ronnie sheds some light on a dark situation

In response to Deena bringing attention to the fact that Ronnie wasn’t there for her when her dad passed away, he first excused it by trying to make it all about his relationship with Sam. After hearing her out, fans saw a softer side of Ronnie as he let his feelings come to the surface. Once Deena called him out for not being a good friend, and pointed out how he actually knew her father, he got emotional. He apologized to her and then opened up about his own emotional state.

A teary-eyed Ron admitted that a lot of his behavior was actually because he was in a dark place at the time.

Being honest and vulnerable led to a much-needed understanding about a painful situation.

6 Vinny has a wild side

Vinny may have been in a relationship during the filming of the reboot, but he still let his wild side shine. During the show’s initial run, Vinny was always the tamest of the bunch. Level-headed and pretty much a stand-up guy, fans knew from the beginning that he was a solid catch. Once we learned Vinny was in a committed relationship, it wasn’t hard to imagine seeing a side of him that would be even mellower than before. Right off the bat, he proved he could be the perfect well-behaved wingman.

However, you add a little alcohol, and Vinny is the life of the party. Showing off some pretty determined dance moves, how he builds the beat up and then drops, this Jersey boy pulled out all the stops at the club, including his signature “opening the door” routine.

5 Snooki’s still got it

Snooki Reality TV Sweetheart

Not to be outdone by anyone else in the house, Snooki showed viewers that not even motherhood was going to slow her down. While most get to see a side of her that’s a little less wild these days, this meatball let fans know right away that she can still party with the best of them. Shockingly (and somewhat disappointingly), she can’t tolerate pickles like she used to, but, to this day, she’s still likely to outdrink most.

Snooki proved she can easily throw a few back, walk out of a club (sort of) and stay up late while chatting with her roommates. As stated on the show – even if you take Snooki and put her in Miami, she’s still going to be Snooki.

4 Snooki and JWoww are dedicated moms

Motherhood is a good look for these two. Nearly a decade ago, fans watched as this pair would frequently go off for fun and sometimes wind up in trouble. However, as years passed, they traded-in boyfriends for husbands and bars for bibs, turning would-be watchers onto a whole other kind of show.

While there is certainly plenty of the old-school Snooki and JWoww on screen for us to enjoy, this new side of them shows that raising a family is something they’re well-suited for.

Along with their change in age-appropriate eye wear, fans can see that the biggest difference is actually in their priorities. This is actually the longest JWoww has been away from kids. Both are dedicated moms who love and care for their children tremendously.

3 Vinny has some interesting eating habits

As soon as the show premiered, the world was introduced to a skinny Vinny and not long after airing, we knew why.

Vinny maintains a ketogenic diet and sticks to a pretty strict workout routine.

This posed a conundrum for the reality star when it came to revisiting some good old Jersey Shore lifestyle choices. One night, upon returning home from the club, a couple of pizza pies were ordered and Vinny decided he would find a way around his low-carb diet. It was either an inability to eat pizza, or a creative way to devour it, but Vinny’s on-camera attack of the meal made everyone take a closer look at his interesting eating habits.

The only thing that seemed to make it into his mouth was the marinara sauce. The priceless look on Pauly D’s face really said it all.

2 Everybody loves Mike – except for Ron

It was no secret that the first time around, Mike was not the most beloved cast member of the bunch. Often finding himself excluded from the group, or at the wrong end of a practical joke, “The Situation” seemed to bear the brunt of most of the unforgiving Jersey Shore moments. However, this time around, Mike proves he’s got “The Situation” under control.

100% sober since 2015, a new, improved, and apologetic Mike has clearly won the respect and love of his roommates – except for Ron.

In a sweet moment around the table where the cast congratulates Mike for making good life choices, Ronnie speaks out like he is still holding a grudge from years ago. While those two never exactly saw eye to eye, no one realized how unhappy Ron was with “The Situation” – including Mike.

1 Break out the boxing gloves

It looks like the brawls are about to begin. Because what fun would the Jersey Shore be without a little bit of arguing? Okay, maybe a lot of arguing.

The previews for the upcoming episodes reveal that more fights are coming and boy, are they back with a vengeance.

In the show’s history, it would seem that each of the housemates had it out at some point. First they fight, then forgive, then usually fight again. This time around, it appears that no one is exempt. Even Snooki and JWoww get into it. They’ve all known each other for so long, at this point, pushing each other's buttons is easy. With the return of Angelina, you can bet things are about to get even more interesting.


Have you spotted any other secrets revealed in Jersey Shore Family Vacation? Let us know in the comments!

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