Jersey Shore Cast is Scared for Ronnie After Jen Hints He May Not Be Sober

Ronnie in Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore cast is scared for Ronnie Ortiz-Magro after Jen Harley hinted that he may not be sober. It is hard to tell who is telling the truth as the couple is known for their public turmoil, always seeming to want to attack each other.

Ronnie had only recently reentered the real world from his month away at a rehab center to focus on his depression and alcohol intake. The reality star made the decision to enter a treatment center because he wanted to work on being a better father to his daughter, Ariana Sky. He also wanted to focus on fixing his unhealthy relationship with Harley.

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According to Jen Harley, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro may not have been telling his roommates the truth about his sobriety. Harley reached out to Jenni Farley and Deena Nicole Cortese to let them in on his big secret during Thursday’s episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation which aired on September 26.  According to Us Weekly, Angelina Pivarnick shared with her fellow roommates that she had received texts from Harley that claimed Ortiz-Magro went to Cabo on a boys vacation. While in Mexico, he reportedly went MIA and blocked Harley. The story that Harley told was not the same as what Ortiz-Magro had told his roommates the evening before at dinner. Pivarnick, who had recently become closer to Ortiz-Magro, told the roommates that she was starting to worry about Ortiz-Magro’s situation, saying he does not seem to be OK.

After Cortese and Farley read the texts from Harley, they both looked at each other and asked what viewers had been thinking, “Is he not really sober?” The weird messages left all the roommates wondering if Ortiz-Magro is just putting on an act for the show. Naturally, Farley was wary of becoming too involved with the situation due to the last time she got involved; Ortiz-Magro flipped out on her, causing a rift in their friendship. Last season, while the Jersey Shore cast was in Las Vegas, Farley tried her best to talk with Ortiz-Magro about his toxic relationship with Harley, only to have the conversation turned into a hostile argument. It would seem that all of the roommates have more than enough reason to be concerned about their friend and his choices.

Many fans believed that after Ortiz-Magro’s stint in rehab, he would re-evaluate his life and break up with Harley for good as she had not brought any real positivity to his life. Each one of the Jersey Shore roommates has tried to talk with the former Famously Single alum, but he does not seem to realize how far in he is. The roommates are hoping that he can recognize the signs of unhealthy relations sooner rather than later.

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Source: Us Weekly

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