Jersey Shore Cast Freaks Out Over ‘Insane’ Texts About Ronnie from Jen Harley

Ronnie in Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation cast freaked out over "insane" texts about Ronnie from Jen Harley. The whole cast is on pins and needles hoping Jen doesn't come for them.

Ronnie and Jen have had a dramatic relationship since say day, one and over the past two years, the couple has had some violent arguments which have resulted in Ronnie being dragged by a car and having his front teeth knocked out by Jen. Ronnie had made the choice to go to a treatment center based in Florida so that he could seek help for his toxic behavior, telling his roommates that he needed to reset and acknowledging that he was not in a healthy relationship.

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On the September 19 episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, the roommates go crazy as Ronnie Ortiz0-Magro has a heated text war with on-again, off-again girlfriend Jen Harley. Pauly D asked the group, who were enjoying the sun in Las Vegas, what could possibly be going on between the two this time. In an Us Weekly exclusive, fans watched as Deena Cortese, Vinny Gaudagnino, and Angelina Pivarnick are all out to dinner when Ronnie abruptly leaves the table to go text in the men’s bathroom. As Ronnie vacates the table, Vinny is noticeably worried about  what is about to happen between the unhappy couple.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro talking on the duck phone in Jersey Shore

The Long Island native jokes saying he could imagine a mini Jen jumping out of the phone with the goal to kill all the roommates. In his confessional, he says to the cameras that there is just too much drama going on right now that he can’t even stand to be at the table. And, while the cast waits for Ron to rejoin the table, Angelina’s phone starts to buzz uncontrollably, on account of texts from Jen. Angelina, who has openly stated that she has become close with Ronnie, explains that the text messages were "insane" and she never had anyone text her like that before.

The texts included claims that Ronnie went to Cabo San Lucas after he completed a month in a rehab facility to control his depression and drinking. Sadly, for the roommates, they do not know whether Ronnie is currently sober or has fallen off the wagon. All that the roommates could agree on was that they were not sure who the liar was, and all of them felt scared for their safety as Jen has had numerous charges brought against her for domestic violence.

The saga of Ronnie and Jen seems to be far from over as the couple continues to stick it out for their daughter. Fans and the roommates are seemingly at their wits end regarding the ups and downs of their complicated relationship. The roommates are consistently worried that Jen will really hurt Ronnie one day. They can only hope that Ronnie really starts to reevaluate his toxic relationship and leave Jen once and for all.

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Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 9pm EST on MTV.

Source: Us Weekly

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