Jersey Shore Cast Keeps Reaching Out to Sammi Giancola, But She Won’t Respond

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation cast keeps reaching out to former castmate Sammi " Sweetheart" Giancola, but she won’t respond to any them.

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The Jersey Shore cast keeps reaching out to Sammi Giancola, but she won’t respond. Now that she has established her own life, many fans are curious to know if she has decided to leave her roommates in the past for good.

Many of the Jersey Shore roommates truly would have liked Giancola to come back and end the hit show together just like old times. Since wiping the sand off her feet, Giancola has launched her own business and become engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Christian Biscardi. Since Jersey Shore ended in 2012, Giancola has kept a very low profile, just trying to live a normal life.

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With all the crazy fighting that had been surrounding the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation crew (we're looking at you, Ronnie), many fans believed that Giancola would reach out in support of her former roommates. However, a source told Us Weekly that Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola had not been in touch with her Jersey family for a while. Evidently, according to the source, many of the cast members have tried to reach out to Giancola, but have had no luck in gaining a response. Fans wondered if “Sweetheart” was busy living her life, trying to escape the fact that she starred on a hit MTV show that involved numerous nights out clubbing and brawls with her boyfriend. On a recent Instagram post, Giancola announced who she would have as her bridesmaids, and none of the girls were from her time spent in Seaside Heights.

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Giancola starred on Jersey Shore as an original cast member when it premiered in 2009, and appeared in all six seasons. Her main storyline was based around her roller coaster of a relationship with Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. In 2017, MTV decided to air a reunion series, but Giancola decided not to return, making her the only roommate to turn down the invitation. Her main reason for not returning to the shenanigans with her roommates was because she did not want to be around Ortiz-Magro. The often-volatile relationship had taken a toll on the New Jersey native and she wanted to leave that part of her life behind her. The boutique owner wrote on her Instagram that she had chosen not to join the show because she was in a “completely different place” in her life and would like to focus on her business.

While the Style Sweetheart owner has always said she would be forever grateful for her part in the franchise, many agree that it may have been a good decision to leave it all behind - especially after the drama that her ex, Ortiz-Magro, has been involved with. The couple dated for eight years and three of those years were caught by the MTV film crew. Fans were hoping that maybe they would see Giancola air her wedding on the network but have come to grips that it won't happen.

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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 9pm EST on MTV.

Source: Us Weekly

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