Producer Jerry Weintraub: No 'Oceans 14'

Jerry Weintraub not producing Oceans 14

In what is most certainly a blow to fans who love clever marketing, Jerry Weintraub, producer of the first three Oceans films, has said he's not interested in making an Oceans 14 - and, subsequently, not interested in adding another cast member to justify the title.

Speaking at the Milken Institute Global Conference, where Weintraub discussed his life in the film business, the director addressed the possibility of another Oceans film - stating that he would not be making Oceans 14.

Weintraub's lack of interest in the project doesn't mean that Oceans 14 isn't going to be made - especially considering the first three films have, together, grossed over a billion dollars.

Though, Weintraub might very well represent the collective barometer of most everyone else that would be involved in launching a fourth film.

It's not exactly a surprise either, while all three films were box-office successes, there's no doubt the Oceans sequels had a difficult time capturing the magic of the original. The star-powered line-up was enjoyable in the first film,because the characters had distinct roles and personalities but, in the sequels, it seemed as though everyone was brought back solely for the purpose of making sure the team was intact - as opposed to actually having a reason for each member to return.

The result was a miss-mash of characters who were simply plugged into their previous roles with no room for development or evolution - no spark or tension amongst the supporting characters.

Of course, the films were still enjoyable, but they didn't make me burn for another one - or disappointed that Weintraub isn't going forward with Oceans 14.

That said, my pitch for another Oceans sequel would be to wait until Brad Pitt looks, in real life, as he appears at the beginning of Benjamin Button - after several of the Oceans actors have disappeared from the Hollywood radar (thinning out the cast a bit), then film an Oceans meets Grumpy Old Men-style mashup entitled Oceans 8.

If Jack Nicholson can make a Hangover-style Vegas comedy, why can't a more distinguished Pitt make a geriatric Oceans reunion film?

Good things come to those who wait.

What are your thoughts on Oceans 14? Still holding out hope or glad the filmmakers may be putting the series to rest?

Source: THR

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