Jerry Bruckheimer Confirms Bad Boys 3 Development

Bad Boys 3 Movie confirmation Jerry Bruckheimer

Back in August of last year we got word that Bad Boys 3 was on the way, the threequel to the successful Michael Bay action franchise. Columbia Pictures even hired a screenwriter in the form of Peter Craig (Cowboy Bebop), and the hope was to reunite stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence with director Michael Bay and producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

More recently, Lawrence told MTV that Bad Boys 3 was "real realistic" and that he'd even met with Bay, who was apparently on-board too. But who would know more about these things than the mega-producer, Jerry Bruckheimer? Not many, I'd expect. And now he has confirmed that Bad Boys 3 is at least in the works.

Coming Soon got a chance to catch up with Bruckheimer at the UK press junket for his latest blockbuster, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, where Bruckheimer gave the confirmation of the third Bad Boys movie. Have a read at what he had to say:

"It's a wish and a hope and a dream. We've been working on a screenplay, which is excellent. It's an idea Will [Smith] gave us, so hopefully, it will come to fruition, we would love it to."

Ok, so it's not anything official like a release date or production start date, but it does nonetheless confirm that the rumors about Bad Boys 3 are true. I must admit I'm surprised to hear the idea for the story came from Will Smith, but perhaps Smith likes the franchise so much he's been thinking of ways to continue it.

Bad Boys 3 confirmation Jerry Bruckheimer

I've never been a huge fan of the Bad Boys films, although admittedly they are handy for throwing into the DVD player on a Friday night if nothing else is on. Both films - but particularly the second one - are as "Michael Bay" as you can get without giant fighting robots: loud, bombastic and with more crashing cars and bullets than is possible to count. But I guess that's part of what made them so successful.

Presumably we won't see Bad Boys 3 start pre-production for a while yet, as both Smith and Bay have big things upcoming: Bay, of course, has Transformers 3 shooting this July and already has a release date of July 1st, 2011. Smith has the recently confirmed Men In Black III (in 3D), which might co-star Josh Brolin and will likely see the return of Tommy Lee Jones.

Are you glad we're getting another Bad Boys movie or was the franchise best left at two?

We'll keep you updated on the Bad Boys 3 front as more news comes out.

Source: Coming Soon

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