What Happened To Jerry Gergich After Parks & Rec Ended

Jim O'Heir played the clumsy Jerry Gergich in all seven seasons of Parks and Recreation. But what happened to the character when the sitcom ended?

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Jim O'Heir portrayed Jerry Gergich for all seven seasons of Parks and Recreation. When the NBC sitcom came to an end in 2015, Jerry started to display the self-confidence that transformed him into an equal in the eyes of his colleagues. The Parks and Rec series finale used a montage of flash-forward scenes to reveal the fates of the core characters, including Jerry.

A long-time Pawnee Parks Department employee, Jerry was often the target of bullying due to his clumsiness. His awkward interactions often caused his peers to dismiss his ideas or input. Despite the torment, Jerry was always portrayed as a happy-go-lucky individual and much of that came from his loving wife, Gayle (Christie Brinkley), and three beautiful daughters. Over time, Jerry started to gain confidence which resulted in respect from his co-workers. By the end, the former Parks Department crew was a tight-knit group and Jerry was a key member of that work family.

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After a series of name changes, Jerry/Larry/Terry finally settled on his real birth name, Garry Gergich, in Parks and Rec season 7. Donna was the first one to accept his true name after she wrote it on his place card for her wedding. It was that moment that Garry finally felt overwhelming acceptance. Shortly after, Mayor Gunderson passed away and Ben was tasked with finding an interim mayor. He realized that Garry was the perfect candidate for the position. Garry accepted the position but it turned out to be a long-term position. The flash-forward sequence revealed that his mayoral role and family life turned out better than he could have ever expected.

Garry served ten terms as the mayor of Pawnee, repeatedly getting reelected by the townspeople. He went on to live until his 100th birthday, a great feat for a man who suffered serious health issues earlier in his life. When Garry passed away, his funeral turned into a giant ceremony honoring the beloved mayor. Leslie and Ben were in attendance, which presumably meant that a President of the United States attended the funeral. Of course, Garry's gravestone was misspelled with his last name written as "Girgich."

It was also revealed that Garry's perfect family life continued through the decades. He and Gayle remained happily married and the Gergich gang grew after a few grandchildren and great-grandchildren were born. Garry was adored by his family as he was a heroic figure in their eyes. It's likely that his old friends had similar sentiments towards Garry as time went on, although they may have been quieter about their admiration since old habits die hard for the character of Parks and Recreation.

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