Jericho To Return Sooner, But.... Another Cliffhanger?

According to Jericho executive producer Stephen Chbosky, the show may be returning sooner than 2008. It's not written in stone, but Jericho could be returning as soon as October.

According to Chbosky (don't ask me how to pronounce that) there is a much smaller budget for the remaining seven episodes, which will impact both casting and location shooting. It will take some creativity to work within the confines of the smaller budget. They do however have a number of main characters signed up to return: Skeet Ulrich (Jake Green), Lennie James (Robert Hawkins), Brad Beyer (Stanley) and Alicia Coppola (Mimi) are coming back and there's a good chance that Pamela Reed (Gail Green) will be returning as well.

So knowing that they have a definite seven episodes to work with, and the fact that one of the main reasons the show was resurrected was the huge outcry over ending the series with a monster cliffhanger, they're going to give us a nice, clean ending... right?

"It'll be seven episodes with a great cliffhanger at the end."

Um, WHAT?!

I really hope these guys know what they're doing with their one in a million second chance. It sounds like they're planning on the word getting out and much improved ratings, giving the possibility of the show going on longer than the seven episode order. What needs to happen is that people who aren't familiar with the show need to tune in during the season re-broadcast this summer, and then they'll need to keep a very close eye on the ratings once the new episodes start airing.

Chbosky did add:

"We know how to wrap up the show if we have to. Ultimately it will depend when they put us on the schedule, but it could be as early as October and in that case we will have time to wrap it up if necessary."

Hopefully they won't squander this opportunity to bring back the show. It would be a monstrous misstep to bring back the show, end it with another cliffhanger and then put the fans right back where they began.

Here's hoping they don't screw this up.

The first season of Jericho returns in reruns on July 6th on CBS.


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