Netflix Wants To Revive 'Jericho'

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The fight for the post- apocalyptic drama Jericho may not be over just yet, as Netflix has approached CBS about resurrecting the cult fave with all new episodes.

The series starred Skeet Ulrich and Ashley and revolved around the residents of a small, rural town in Kansas called Jericho; in the aftermath of a devastating nuclear assault on 23 major US. cities, the Jericho survivors mount staggering  efforts to restore life to some sort of normalcy. CBS cancelled Jericho after its first season due to less than stellar rating, but die-hard fans assembled to launch a successful campaign to save the series, involving sending over 20 tons of nuts to CBS headquarters.

Despite the passionate fan efforts, Jericho was cancelled again for the final time after the second season. Following its television demise there was talk of a big screen movie adaptation, but that has yet to happen. The saga of Jericho did continue for a season 3 in 2009 with a six-part comic book series created by the original Jericho writing team, entitled Jericho Season 3: Civil War and in April 2012 a new upcoming comic book series dubbed Jericho Season 4.

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Netflix is slowly becoming the Lazarus of the TV world, by either resurrecting or attempting to revive dead shows. Recently, after seven years off the air, Netflix sparked new life in the cult- hit comedy Arrested Development, with a set of new episodes that are expected to be released next year. Netflix also had its eye on giving time-travel drama Terra Nova a reprieve after Fox gave it the axe, but due to budgeting issues it had to pass on the idea for now. Netflix has also dipped into creating original programming with Lilyhammer, starring Steve Van Zandt of The Sopranos.

While the news of Jericho’s potential return is exciting, eager fans of the cancelled post-apocalyptic series shouldn’t start the happy dance just yet. Netflix has saved a show or two before, but the service can’t save them all. The discussions are still in the very early stages and while CBS seems responsive to the idea, nothing may ultimately come out of it. Jericho reruns have been doing fairly well on Netfilx, but it’s been over four years and assembling all the same cast and crew might be the real challenge. But if Jake Green had hope for the future, so can we.


We’ll keep you posted on the Jericho revival as the news comes in.

Source: TV Guide

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