Jericho Season 2: 100 Percent Dedicated To The Fans

Jon Turtletaub.

If you are trying to figure out where you’ve heard that name before, possibly it’s because you remember him as being the director of the 1996 hit Phenomenon. No? Maybe you know him from having produced and directed both National Treasure movies with Nicolas Cage? Oh, wait... maybe you know him from being the executive producer of the surprise fan favorite CBS TV series: Jericho.

Recently Jon Turtletaub had a few words to say about the return of Jericho to CBS for its second season following the fan-driven onslaught of nuts to the studio via the U.S. Postal system (I knew that system would finally come in handy one day).

He posted to the Jericho production blog about being impressed with the fan campaign, and taking his cue when CBS called asking for his help in stopping the wave of fan support... he pretended his phone was dying. Eventually, he just echoed what everyone else was saying:

"...put the show back on!"

With the change of heart by CBS and the decision to order more episodes, the people behind the show wanted to say "thanks" to the viewers.

Turtletaub says this season of Jericho is 100 percent dedicated to the fans and hopes his efforts are worthy of their support.

With the Feb. 12 (at 10pm ET on CBS) second season premiere quickly approaching, Turtletaub did make one more request of the fans:

"Now if each of you can find two or three million friends to watch it, we’ll be around for a long time."

If you want to know more about Jericho, you can visit one of the many websites about it.

There's CBS' Jericho site or visit the CBS Jericho community website where you can find forums and fan sites based on the show.

Source: SyFy Portal

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