Jericho Comes To A Close

"How does it feel to make history?"

That was the final line in the series finale of Jericho last night on CBS - and it got me to wondering; but more on that later.

The last episode came, and went, with ratings that were par for the show over the last few weeks with an approximated 6 million viewers, putting CBS fourth amongst the big networks for the evening. I'm guessing another nut campaign is 'nut' going to do the trick again, but nice try.

In this abbreviated run of 22 episodes packed into just 7, information flowed fast and hard - and sometimes that's the way I like it, cutting to the chase.

There are a few spoilers ahead, so if you're one of many millions who the networks aren't counting for viewer ratings, but who are going to download from iTunes or watch the On-Demand version instead, then avert thy eyes.

Hawkins (Lennie James) and Jake (Skeet Ulrich) snagged the nuke from Cheyenne and having possession of the bomb is the proof needed to show that Jennings & Rall were involved in the travesty... if they successfully get the thing to Texas.

The Rangers finally bury Stanley's sister while the military has started to turn Jericho into a police state. Ah, but all is not lost as Major Beck (Esai Morales) gets a whiff of real evidence of the atrocities committed after looking over Hawkins computer. With this information, he tells his superiors he can no longer take orders from an illegal government, shares the evidence with his troops, and they look to dig in for the fight ahead.

In the process of getting the nuke to Texas, we get to see the mysterious Mr. Smith, but he eludes capture. In a tense and exciting scene, the Texas Air National Guard ends up shooting down two aircraft from Cheyenne to protect Hawkins and Jake from getting shot down themselves. This should pretty much set the scene of the 2nd American Civil War.

Closure? Sure. Room for follow up movies or some other media release? Sure. Viewers left wanting more? You bet.

What do I mean by more?

Over on Sci-Fi Wire, executive producer Carol Barbee says that there are ongoing talks to find the show another home, perhaps on a cable network.

If Jericho is not picked up by another network, Barbee can envision it living on as an internet series or graphic novel, or even a movie.

I don't mean to burst everyone's bubble, but since the cast and crew have been freed to pursue other projects, and the show's sets and back lot have been dismantled and either destroyed or put into storage, I've gotta wonder if this is just media spin or blowing hot air (take your pick).

So I go back to my first line: "How does it feel to make history?" Were the creators asking the viewers, the core fans who orchestrated the return of the show that question or was it just a teaser closing sentence that lets us know that if the show continues, we're in for an interesting evolution of the story?

Interesting note at the bottom of the Sci-Fi Wire post that said:

(Fans wishing to write SCI FI Channel about picking Jericho up should NOT use the scifiwire e-mail address, but should send snail mail to: SCI FI Channel, 21st Floor, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112.)

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