Jeremy Renner Joins Spawn Movie Reboot as Twitch Williams [Updated]


Jeremy Renner could be the next actor to join Todd McFarlane's Spawn reboot. Renner got his start in the comic book movie world in 2011's Thor, were he first cameoed as Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye. In the years since, he's made three additional MCU appearances. While the rest of the original Avengers tend to receive a great deal of screentime, Hawkeye often gets the short end of the stick, much to the annoyance of his fans. He wasn't even in Avengers: Infinity War, but that is supposed to be part of a larger story arc.

Hawkeye hasn't yet gotten the chance to star in a solo Marvel Studios film, despite Renner's interest in such an opportunity. The actor has even said he'd be open to starring in a Netflix series that served to better explore Marvel's resident sharpshooter. Sadly, if Renner does want a leading role in a comic book movie, the MCU may not be able to provide it - but maybe Spawn can.

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That Hashtag Show reports Jeremy Renner has been in talks to join the Spawn cast recently, but they can't confirm whether or not the deal closed. If Renner does indeed sign on, he will do so as the film's human lead, detective Twitch Williams. For the time being, Renner's potential involvement with Spawn should be taken with a grain of salt, but he'd certainly mark another big name for the film if he decides to do it. Update: McFarlane Films and Blumhouse Productions confirm Jeremy Renner's casting as Twitch in Spawn.

Even though Renner's time in the MCU has further elevated his status, his work outside of that universe is what has impressed more of late. Comedic turns in Tag and The House showed his playful side, while Wind River and Arrival brought him back to his earlier Oscar-nominee days from The Town and The Hurt Locker. McFarlane's reboot is coming through Blumhouse, so this won't be the typical superhero movie. Such a role could give Renner a big property to attach his name to and still be one of the main players.


While Renner would play the human lead in this scenario, the film's titular star is still Jamie Foxx. He joined the project earlier this year, just about five years after he actively began seeking the role. McFarlane has likened his take on Spawn to Jaws, with the anti-hero being utilized like the shark in Spielberg's classic. Foxx may ultimately be the title character, but the script appears to put Twitch at the focus. Hopefully that doesn't completely minimize the chances for Renner and Foxx to share the screen, that is, if this casting turns out to be true.

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Source: That Hashtag Show

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