Jeremy Renner in Talks for 'Battleship', 'Raven' & Mystery Project

Jeremy Renner is quickly becoming the toast of the Hollywood scene thanks to his latest movie The Hurt Locker. Although he didn’t win the Best Actor Award at last night's BAFTAs, The Hurt Locker did win quite a few awards, and Renner's role as SSG William James, the adrenaline junkie that diffuses bombs in Iraq, has propelled him to the top of everyone’s short list.

Last December, Renner’s name was floating the movie news world as a possible candidate to play Hawkeye in the upcoming Avengers movie - a rumor that Renner was quick to shoot down. So while he may or may not be in a Marvel film of some sort, one thing is for sure – Renner has his pick of projects. According to a Reuters article over at the New York Times, Renner has been working as a home renovator on the side while between projects with his business partner, Kristoffer Winters.

Says Renner:

“I make more money doing that, which allows me the freedom to choose the projects I want to do. I'll always act, but I'll never be forced to do it because there are bills to pay.”

Lucky him! He may soon change his mind though, as his paychecks inevitably start getting bigger. One of the last homes he remodeled sold for $4 million dollars and my guess is that his movie income will soon eclipse that. Renner is going to have his pick of projects in the upcoming year, one of which is a toy-based film that has a lot (read: very little) potential for success – Battleship.

It would seem that Jeremy “Pick and Choose” Renner is in talks with Universal Studios and Peter Berg to play the lead role in the upcoming naval movie about aliens (yes, you read that correctly). Now, what the term “lead role” means is anyone’s guess. He could be the admiral of one of the ships, or the leader of the invading alien horde or perhaps he’ll actually BE one of the ships? Who knows... Either way, with names like Berg and Renner attached to the project it might - I said MIGHT - turn out OK.

Battleship Tom Arnold

Before he can even think about shouting “Aliens Ahoy!” though, Renner is looking to star in an indie film with Ewan McGregor titled The Raven. It will revolve around the final five days of macabre author Edgar Allen Poe's life and will be directed by James McTeigue (V for Vendetta). Not much more is known about the film other than McTeigue calls it a poem version of Se7en.

Renner also says he has had “no less than five meetings” to star in a mystery project, the subject of which he will not reveal. What he would reveal, though, is that both Battleship and the mystery project are set to begin filming this summer; so he is going to have to choose between the two films shortly.

Do you think this mystery project could be Marvel-based or something altogether different? I personally would like to see him as an Avenger, but we’ll be keeping an eye out to see what develops.

Battleship is slated to set sail 2012.

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Source: New York Times

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