Jeremy Piven Series Wisdom of the Crowd Will Not Be Renewed

Bad news for any remaining post-Entourage fans of Jeremy Piven - his Wisdom of the Crowd is getting the plug pulled by CBS after just one season. The show, which stars Piven as Silicon Valley hotshot Jeremy Tanner, never quite caught on with CBS' audience in a way its other series did. Among all the freshman drama series debuted by the network this fall season, Wisdom is by far the lowest-rated. At the moment, it's averaging a mere 1.0 rating in the all-important 18-49 demographic and only 7.4 million viewers per episode.

The series seemed poised to be topical and timely and one that would resonate with audiences in the wake of the success of tech-forward shows like USA's Mr. Robot and AMC's Halt and Catch Fire. The story revolved around Piven's Jeremy Tanner, who builds a crowdsourcing app to hunt down his daughter's killer and bring them to justice, in the process revolutionizing crime solving. Along with the relevant storyline, the show boasted a strong cast with the likes of Richard T. Jones, Natalia Tena, Monica Potter, Blake Lee, and Jake Matthews starring alongside Piven.

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But the series never took off, and Variety reports that CBS has opted not to pick up Wisdom of the Crowd for a full season order beyond the initial 13 episodes ordered. It's not technically a cancellation, but it's a cancellation in everything but name alone. The first season is simply set to end after its 13-episode run, but that is exactly why half seasons are used as test runs before full season orders are given the green light. With Wisdom's dismal performance thus far and plenty of other pilot pitches for new series always waiting in the wings, it's hard to imagine CBS will be keen to invest in a second season.

Wisdom of the Crowd CBS

Even had the series' ratings fared better, CBS may not have been keen to give Piven too much screen time and brand association. Piven was recently accused of sexual assault by actress Ariane Bellamar, both on the set of Entourage and at the Playboy mansion. At the time, both CBS and HBO issued statements regarding the allegations, with CBS vowing it would investigate the matter. While Piven quickly denied the incidents, the reality is that Entourage has not aged well, and other stories that have circulated about Piven throughout the years haven't exactly painted a stellar picture of the actor, particularly not in the current era of increasing awareness and famous men being called out for bad behavior of all sorts.

Piven doesn't exactly need us to play a tiny violin for him, however. His next project in development is All-Star Weekend. The comedy, which is being written and directed by Jamie Foxx, is set to star Piven and Robert Downey, Jr. as two friends and sports fanatics who form a heated rivalry over their favorite basketball player. The project is currently in post-production, so even with Wisdom of the Crowd being all but officially cancelled, Piven still has a promising movie in the works.

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Source: Variety

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