Supergirl’s Jeremy Jordan Would Love to Play A Superhero

Supergirl actor Jeremy Jordan wants to play a superhero someday. Jordan currently plays Winn Schott, Kara Danvers' friend and co-worker at the DEO, on Supergirl. Winn is often an integral part of saving the day. He is incredibly smart and often responsible for coming up with the solution that Supergirl needs to defuse any situation. Yet for all Winn does, he is still considered more of a sidekick than a hero - even though he will be rising into more of a leadership role soon.

Winn has done many heroic things on the show, but usually he does so from behind the scenes. Winn often remains either at the DEO or - when helping Guardian - in a van. While he goes into the field when there is technology that needs to be handled, and he has learned how to throw a punch when needed, Winn's far more of a thinker than a fighter.  Very aware of his limitations when it comes to physical confrontation, Winn is more than happy to use his brain to support Supergirl and to allow those who are stronger and have more training take on the actual fighting. This means that actor Jordan rarely gets involved in the stunt work and special effects that bring the battles to life.


That is something Jordan would like to see change one day. While he enjoys playing Winn, the actor recently told SFGN that he would like to play a superhero himself one day, especially one who is "really cool, or maybe even a little bit of a dork" - and who can fly.

"I'd love to play a superhero someday. I never get to do any of the green screen stuff (special effects) and I can't say that I'm not a little bit jealous."

Previous to Supergirl, most of Jordan's roles have been musical related, with him appearing on Broadway as Jack Kelly in Newsies, starring in the movie musical The Last Five Years, and a role on the musical TV series Smash. He showed off his singing talent in last year's musical crossover between The Flash and Supergirl. During this year's crossover "Crisis on Earth-X" Jordan showed what kind of hero he might be able to play, with the Earth-X version of Winn turning out to be the leader of the rebellion against the Nazis.

Jordan is a talented actor who would certainly play a wonderful superhero one day. For now, he has plenty more to do as Winn, whose mother is coming to National City very soon as well as his continued world-saving activities with the DEO and helping Supergirl fight Reign. Winn may not wear a cape and fly, but in his own way, Jordan is already playing a hero.


Supergirl season 3 continues on January 15 @8pm on The CW.

Source: SFGN

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