'Iron Sky' Director Reveals 'Jeremiah Harm' Test Footage

'Iron Sky' director Timo Vuorensola unveils test footage for his upcoming adaptation of the graphic novel 'Jeremiah Harm.'

'Jeremiah Harm'

Director Timo Vuorensola's Iron Sky is a cult film in every sense of the word. The film - which sees the Nazis launch an invasion of Earth from their top-secret moon base - relied on word of mouth to fuel its limited release stateside, invoked heavy involvement by fans and earned its financing through independent fundraising efforts.

Due to its humble beginnings, Iron Sky was likely never destined to become a massive hit in North America. However, the strategy that ultimately led the project through development and production is an admirable example of what a filmmaker can do with a grassroots campaign. Vuorensola, it seems, is at it again.

According to TwitchFilm, the Finnish director has launched a similar campaign to make an adaptation of graphic novel Jeremiah Harm, starting with the above promo footage.

First off, Iron Sky's Tero Kaukomaa, Arnold Rifkin (Live Free or Die Hard) and Ross Richie – co-creator of the source material – are among the producers. Here's the film's premise:

Jeremiah - you can call him Jerry, but he'll probably rip your limbs off if you do - is a nasty guy with a bad attitude and a lever-action rifle to back that up. He's a human, but never really went to Earth. Born and raised in several intergalactic orphanaries with a bunch of aliens from all corners of the galaxy, he begun a career as a bounty hunter early, scoring his first kill before the age of 15. After that, the bodycount has been steadily rising, and by mid-30's, he has basically hunted down every imaginable race in the galaxy - but not his own kind. See, he's the only human around as far as he knows, until he is assigned to Earth, a planet claimed to be lost thousands of years ago. And of course he finds himself from New York, chasing a bunch of alien criminals and a girl they kidnapped from the Most Important Man In the Universe.

'Jeremiah Harm'

The concept of an "intergalactic bounty hunter" - as fans of DC Comics' Lobo surely know - is hardly original. However, the film noir style employed in the test footage (none of which will end up in the finished film) certainly holds promise. Of course, the finished film could be another matter entirely.

Do you think Jeremiah Harm has the potential to be a fun time at the movies? Let us know in the comments.

Stay tuned for further details on Jeremiah Harm as this story develops.


Source: TwitchFilm

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