Jeopardy! Passes Off Viral Tetris Meme As Fact, Hilarity Ensues

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A recent episode of the game show Jeopardy! featured a question about Tetris, in which a meme from Twitter was passed off as a nugget of genuine information. The game show is a long-running program on television, with Alex Trebek as the mantle as host. It is often jam-packed with interesting bits of information that make it worthwhile for people to watch, as they're able to pick up info and retain it if ever they should have a need to recall it. It probably works great for impressing friends at trivia night.

Like anything else though, those behind Jeopardy! aren't immune to the occassional flub. The latest instance of this saw an internet meme for Tetris passed off as the real McCoy. The end result is nothing if not absolutely hilarious. Since no damage was done during the segment, everyone can embrace the mistake without any real reprecussions. If anything, perhaps the end result of the mistake will lead to more thorough research from the Jeopardy! team moving forward.

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The Tetris meme in question originates from Twitter user 'vecc hitto' who claimed that the game's differently shaped blocks actually have names–this was a joke. The fictional names for the tetriminoes themselves are quite funny, and they include Orange Ricky, Blue Ricky, Hero, Smashboy, Teewee, Rhode Island Z, and Cleveland Z. While these aren't the monickers for the various blocks, they really should be now that they're immortalized in Jeopardy! canon.

People began catching on to the Jeopardy! mistake when the game show's official Twitter account posted the names as a fun fact to its followers. People were quick to point out that the origins of this Tetris information is a joke, with Twitter user Kinnikuman then proceeding to share the video of Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek quizzing contestants on the content.

Hearing Trebek utter the word "Smashboy" in a serious tone is something many fans probably never knew they needed until now. Thankfully, a meme on Twitter has gifted everyone this wondrous opportunity. When considering the odds of this faux factoid actually getting to air, they'd have to be quite miniscule. In that light, we reside in a good timeline.

Tetris is still a major game that's played by people all over the world. Nintendo even recently began offering its own take on the beloved puzzle title through its Nintendo Online subsciption service called Tetris 99. This Switch exclusive is a Battle Royale version of Tetris and happens to be one of the more enjoyable bonuses gifted as part of the service. Plus, it keeps getting updated with all kinds of cool crossover events.

Having said that, here's hoping that more Tetris facts continue to be broadcasted on Jeopardy! moving forward. They seem to fit so well.

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