Watch: Jeopardy! Contestant Wins With Just $1

There are plenty of ways to win Jeopardy! through either knowledge, or wagering, or both. So how did one contestant end up winning with only $1?

A Jeopardy! contestant wound up winning with only $1 on a recent episode of the quiz TV show. The largest amount someone has won in one day on the game show Jeopardy! was $77,000. It happened on September 14th, 2010 and it was an exciting moment on the show. In the case of the $1 win, however, it's incredible not because of how much the contestant won, but how little they won instead.

Manny Abell, the incumbent champion at the time, was allowed to continue on in the show after winning an episode a few days ago. The thing is though, he didn't think he was going to win since his final total of the day ended up being just $1. Fortunately for him, the other two competitors on that episode both ended up with $0 each, making Abell the overall winner.

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As reported by Someecards, Manny Abell won Jeopardy! a few days ago, making it the smallest amount someone has won by since 1993, as it has only happened once before. He went into "Final Jeopardy" in last place and wouldn't have won the game if his fellow competitors didn't both get the question wrong while also betting all their won cash on themselves.

The final question ended up being about Asian Geography, which pleased both the contestants, as well as host Alex Trebek; who claims geography to be his favorite subject. While the losing contestants felt confident enough to bet as much as they did, the question ended up being trickier than they thought it was going to be, paving the way for Abell to win the episode. The clue was: "It's the only country that borders both the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf." The correct answer was Iran.

Manny Abell's three-day total ended up being $42,799 after everything was all said and done. This is why Jeopardy! can sometimes be flawed as it's not just what you know, but it's also how you bet. Strategy is just as important as knowledge when it comes to this type of game show. If Abell's fellow contestants had wagered better, one of them would have probably won even after getting the question wrong, rather than Abell winning instead.

That being said, knowledge does get you where you need to be on the show. If you aren't able to gain the big bucks, you are rarely going to have the chance to win in the end, regardless of who gets what right and who gets what wrong. At the end of the day when it comes to Jeopardy!, knowledge is the most important aspect.

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Source: Someecards

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