Does Spider-Man: Homecoming Cast Include Jennifer Connelly? [Re-Updated]

Spider-Man: Homecoming already has a talented cast, but a new rumor suggests it includes Oscar-winner Jennifer Connelly too.

Despite Spider-Man: Homecoming being just two weeks away from hitting theaters, it may have just been revealed that Jennifer Connelly is secretly part of the film. Since the very beginning of superhero films, studios have made an effort to add some of the biggest stars and most talented individuals in Hollywood to them in various roles. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been no exception to this and has routinely found a way at bringing in even more talent, whether it is for leading roles, villains, or cameos.

For Marvel Studios and Sony's first partnership, they did not hold back in the casting department. Robert Downey Jr. re-upped his deal to appear in a limited capacity as Tony Stark, Michael Keaton was brought on to play the villainous Adrian Toomes aka. The Vulture, and a number of other notable movie/TV actors round out the supporting ensemble here. Connelly would thus help out to further round out a talented supporting cast, should this rumor pan out.

Homecoming has began screening for the press, but thanks to embargoes, official critic reviews (and the spoilers therein) have not yet begun making their way online. However, the IMDB page for Homecoming has been updated since the screenings began and one significant addition may have been revealed. The IMDB cast list for Homecoming now lists Jennifer Connelly in the role of "Karen/Suit Lady."

[UPDATE: It has since been confirmed (by people who have seen the film) that Connelly does NOT appear in Homecoming. The rest of this article has been left as it was originally published.]

[UPDATE #2: We now have a firm answer regarding the Jennifer Connelly/Spider-Man: Homecoming question.]

Jennifer Connelly in American Pastoral

This is the first time Connelly's name has been linked to Homecoming, so there's more than fair reason to question if this rumor is accurate or not. With press screenings underway, it would be very simple for someone who has already seen the film to update the Homecoming page. However, since IMDB can be edited by anyone, this rumor should be very much taken with a grain of salt. If Connelly does appear in the film, it should amount to little more than a cameo - with her secret addition and current character description pointing to a role that is far from significant to the larger plot of the movie.

Connelly doesn't have many ties to the current cast and crew of Homecoming, but she could be part of Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige's previous statement that future MCU films will feature multiple iconic actors. While Connelly doesn't have any clear past connections to Homecoming director Jon Watts, she does have one connection to the MCU. Connelly is married to Paul Bettany, who plays Vision, so this could be her way of experiencing the MCU without joining in a similarly large capacity. If she is in Homecoming, it would mark Connelly's second role in a comic book movie, after previously playing Betty Ross in Ang Lee's non-MCU based Hulk.

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Source: IMDB

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