15 Photos That Prove Jennifer Aniston Looks Better Than Ever

Jennifer Aniston is best known for her starring role in the legendary NBC sitcom, Friends, but she quickly transitioned into becoming one of Hollywood's A-List leading ladies. In addition to being the rom-com queen of the post-Julia Roberts cinemascape, she also showcased her finely polished comedic talents in outrageous R-rated comedies like Horrible Bosses and Office Christmas Party.

Through ten seasons (and over 200 episodes) of Friends and over a decade of film appearances since then, the blonde superstar – somehow, someway – hasn't aged a day. How does she do it? Diet and exercise are surely part of it, and any beauty expert will confirm the merits of moisturizer, toner, and cleaner, but Jennifer Aniston has that special something, that sexy secret that makes her a timeless beauty.

Even two decades after she single-handedly changed the fashion world with her oft-imitated "Rachel" haircut, Jen is sexier than ever. At 48-years-old, Aniston is only just getting started. In recent years, she's balanced her rom-com output with more serious roles, like her turn in 2014's Cake, as a woman suffering from chronic pain after a car accident which killed her son. She was nominated for a Golden Globe for the role, and many critics were surprised that she was snubbed by the Academy Awards. Next up, she will co-star in the war drama The Yellow Birds, based on the book by Kevin Powers.

If there's any lingering doubt over her indelible beauty and straight-up sexiness, just take a look at these 15 Photos That Prove Jennifer Aniston Is Hotter Than Ever.

15 W Magazine, April 2010

Jennifer Aniston in W Magazine

Released in the weeks leading up to the release of her film, The Bounty Hunter, the April 2010 issue of W Magazine featured a provocative spread featuring the movie's stars, Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. While the movie itself came and went without much fuss (though it earned a decent $136 million worldwide, over three times its budget of just $40 million), the steamy photoshoot made headlines due to its dirtying up of Jennifer Aniston's generally squeaky-clean image.

Her hair is dirty, the lighting is grimy, her outfit is loose and sexy, and her purse is full of cash. Aniston had just entered her 40s when these photos were taken, and she aimed to make it clear that she wasn't going to be forced to quietly fade away like what happens to so many female actors when they hit that supposedly-dreaded age ceiling. She was hotter than ever, and it's only going to get sexier from here.

14 GQ, March 2012

GQ March 2012 Jennifer Aniston Paul Rudd

Remember Wanderlust? Directed and co-written by David Wain (Wet Hot American Summer), the film starred Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston as a married couple who find themselves transplanted from New York City to a hippie commune in Georgia. Hilarious and heartwarming antics inevitably ensue.

The film was greeted with a positive critical reception, but was an unexpected box office bomb, grossing only $17 million worldwide. Regardless, it is fondly remembered for inspiring this GQ spread, which featured Aniston alongside co-star Paul Rudd, two beautiful and funny people, being silly and sexy.

The shoot has a ton of great images, like a wild-haired Aniston dominating Rudd, using his tie as a makeshift leash. Still, the shot of Aniston on a piano, kicking Rudd in the face, as well as the one where she has a high-heeled pump pressed down on his head... Jennifer Aniston has the best legs in Hollywood, and she certainly knows how to use them.

13 Glamour, September 2013

Glamour September 2013 Jennifer Aniston

Speaking of the overwhelming power of Jennifer's gorgeous gams, few can forget when she graced the cover of Glamour's 2013 Hollywood issue. Not many actresses can rock the barefoot look the way she can, and the way she hides her body behind a mess of tangled limbs and a loosely-thrown-on black dress is enough to make anybody fall head-over-heels for America's undisputed sweetheart.

Jennifer Aniston is sometimes criticized for the sheer number of magazine covers she's done over the years, even when she hasn't necessarily had a project to promote. However, just one look at her photogenic figure and it's hard to argue against her. She combines timeless Hollywood glitz with a wholesome girl-next-door vibe, and she can sell tons of magazines with nothing more than some classy photographs and a sincere smile.

12 Glamour, September 2013

Jennifer Aniston Glamour

While it's true she doesn't need to have a project to be a darling at newsstands, Jennifer Aniston actually did have a project to promote for her September 2013 Glamour cover: We're The Millers. In the R-rated comedy, Aniston co-stars as a stripper who is recruited by a low-rent drug dealer (Jason Sudeikis) to pose as his wife while he heads to Mexico to smuggle some drugs... Obviously, the movie doesn't end before the audience is treated to a sexy striptease by Aniston's character.

In the magazine world, throwing a starlet on a fancy chair by a pool is a telltale sign of a lazy creative director. Seriously, go through a stack of magazines and take a shot every time a model is posing on a Chaises Lounge – you will die. Regardless, Aniston has the inexplicable ability to make the tired photography clichè feel fresh and new, and this shot is clear evidence at her certifiable superpower.

11 Harper's Bazaar, December 2014

Jennifer Aniston Harpers Bazaar 2014

For this photoshoot, Jen eschewed her usual home-grown Americana vibe and went for a larger-than-life supermodel look. She's barely recognizable in this striking shoot which showcases her impressive versatility and ability to pull off literally any style... It shouldn't be too surprising, though; this is, after all, the woman who managed to pull off the "Rachel" haircut and become a style icon for the ages.

In contrast to her glamorous Harper's Bazaar look, the film she was promoting had a decidedly more intimate and realistic vibe. As mentioned in the intro, Cake starred Aniston as a woman suffering from chronic pain after a car accident, who is also haunted by the ghost of a member of her support group (Anna Kendrick) who committed suicide. It was a fantastic film which was largely overlooked during awards season, but remains a testament to Aniston's ability to deliver stellar acting performances outside of the comedy realm.

10 The Hollywood Reporter, January 2015

Hollywood Reporter Jennifer Aniston 2015

Jen's photo spread for The Hollywood Reporter is a primer on why she's so beloved. Just look at that picture: it's got long legs, a creative outfit, sexy shoes, a sweet smile, and a killer haircut. Add it all together with a dash of glowing sunshine, and that's the gist of Jennifer Aniston, or at least a solid summation of her visual appeal.

Take a look at that outfit... The stripperiffic dress is covered up by a deliberately oversized jacket. Combine that with the wild, jungle cat hairdo, and either she's on her way back from one heck of a party, or she's the weirdest encyclopedia salesperson ever. That being said, if she showed up at our door dressed like that, we'd happily purchase volumes A-Z of whatever she was selling.

9 The Hollywood Reporter, January 2015

Hollywood Reporter Jennifer Aniston 2015 2

Elsewhere in her January 2015 shoot for The Hollywood Reporter, Aniston poses in a tried-and-true classic: sitting pretty on a comfy couch. As usual, J.Ston (is that her celebrity nickname? It is now!) is flaunting many of her best assets: luscious legs, infectious smile, lioness hair, and raw magnetism.

Generally, photographers like using contrasting color to make their images pop. Here, though, they made the bold choice of giving J.Ston (see, it's catching on already!) a beige outfit and having her sit on a beige couch. Somehow, for reasons beyond the comprehension of mere mortals, it works. In theory, this picture should literally look like a pancake amidst a sea of other pancakes, but instead, Aniston manages to add three-dimensionality to image, seemingly through nothing more than sheer force of will.

8 Allure, January 2015

Allure January 2015 Cover Jennifer Aniston

How is it that J.Ston always manages to look so effortlessly gorgeous? Sure, the intrusive and unnecessary airbrushing is a bit too obvious on this January 2015 Allure cover, but still, there's no getting around the fact that Jennifer Aniston is a truly timeless beauty, in every possible sense of the term.

Airbrushing is an increasingly controversial practice, as many feel like it unfairly misrepresents its celebrities by making them appear with unnaturally smooth skin, when the reason actors in their 40s (or even in their 50s and beyond, like Madonna and Sharon Stone and many others) remain so attractive is because they don't hide from their wrinkles and tiny imperfections. They're beautiful, and some smile lines, crow's feet, or any other signs of aging will do nothing to diminish that fact.

7 InStyle, February 2015

Jennifer Aniston InStyle February 2015

Just one month after her Allure cover, J.Ston graced the cover of InStyle magazine, and it's easily one of the best looks she's ever had. Trading in the airbrushed aesthetic of her Allure spread for a more earthy style with (relatively) minimal makeup and more natural lighting, this particular photo is elevated by her inspired wardrobe selection.

First and foremost, we have no idea what the deal is with that skirt. It's possible that maybe she was crab fishing in Cape Cod and then made an impulsive decision to wear the net as clothing, but it looks amazing on her. Her necklaces and bracelets add to her chain-link look, and she wears that revealing blouse/bra combination in such a way as to leave just enough to the imagination.

6 InStyle, February 2015

Jennifer Aniston InStyle February 2015 2

The erstwhile Rachel Green is often photographed in earthy environments which mesh well with her sun-drenched skin and golden locks of flowing hair, but this photo takes it to a whole other level. She's sitting on a display of large rocks placed by an oversized fireplace, moodily lit and surrounded by shades of brown. This time, Aniston uses her sexy outfit to stand out from her surroundings, with pointed heels and a sensually revealing skirt adding a dose of 21st century pizazz to the proceedings.

It's up to the subjects of photos to "own their space," as the saying goes, and it takes a lot of talent and skill to own a space as awe-inspiring as the one in this shot. Regardless, J.Ston makes it seem effortless.

5 Vanity Fair 2015 Oscar Portrait

Every year, Vanity Fair hosts an Oscar party which features a portrait studio by famed photographer Mark Seliger. Oscar night is when Hollywood's elite strive to look their best, and he captures them at their most glamorous, on the one night, above all others, when the whole world is watching.

For the 2015 ceremony, Jennifer Aniston posed with her future husband, Justin Theroux, and they look fantastic. Theroux, star of The Leftovers and writer of such riotous comedies as Zoolander and Tropic Thunder, looks like a straight-up Hollywood leading man, with an arm wrapped lovingly around his leading lady. Aniston is wearing a dress straight out of an old-timey debutante ball, and they look like a serious power couple. After several years of dating, the two lovebirds would finally tie the knot on August 5, 2015.

4 Harper's Bazaar, April 2016

Harper's Bazaar April 2016 Jennifer Aniston

As mentioned before, Jennifer Aniston seamlessly bounces between being a glamorous starlet and a "girl next door." For her April 2016 turn in Harper's Bazaar, she brought her two distinct styles together, and the result is a memorable photo spread which ranks as one of her greatest of all time.

This photo combines so many disparate elements: black/white contrast, see-through lace, the sky at dusk, and the art of falconing. Presumably, the bird was well-trained before it was entrusted into Aniston's care, though we've no doubt that she's capable of taming even the wildest of beasts with a steely-eyed glare, like a Greek goddess.

Fun Fact: J.Ston's father, actor John Aniston, best known for his time on the soap opera, Days of our Lives, was born Giannis Anastasakis, but his family changed their name when Giannis was just a child. Would J.Ston still be America's sweetheart if her name was Jennifer Anastasakis? Come to think of it, J.Kis does have a nice ring to it...

3 Marie Claire, December 2016

In the December issue of Marie Claire, J.Kis (we're using J.Kis now – deal with it) took to the high seas to take part in a nautically-themed photo shoot. For this image, Aniston looks to be channeling her iconic 1996 Rolling Stone cover, though she decides not to show her butt this time. She doesn't have to show her butt if she doesn't want to!

...So, in that Rolling Stone cover, her eyes are brown, but here, they're blue! Could it be that the woman we know to be Jennifer Aniston is actually an imposter? Or a dimension-hopping alternate version of America's Sweetheart? If that's the case, what happened to the original?! Perhaps she merely discovered colored contact lenses and prefers blue to brown. That's also a possibility.

2 Marie Claire, December 2016

Marie Claire December 2016 Jennifer Aniston

By this point, what more is there to say? Jennifer Aniston is a gorgeous specimen, pure proof of the possibility of human potential. She can literally wear anything and be beautiful. Case in point: what even is that dress? It looks like something a character would wear to a wedding in a Tim Burton movie. It's more than a bit ridiculous, but Aniston has the power to wear it like it's the hottest thing in fashion.

And what about that tiny fedora, historically the silliest of hats? It's completely balanced out by her understated bracelet. She planned for every contingency, it seems! When it comes to putting an outfit together and looking downright stunning in all manner of fashions and styles, J.Kis is simply the best there is at what she does.

1 Vanity Fair 2017 Oscar Portrait

We saved the best – and most recent – J.Kis shot for last. This 2017 Oscar portrait from the folks at Vanity Fair builds upon her and hubby Justin Theroux's 2015 photo, but somehow manages to be even sexier than before.

Of course, the two gorgeous stars (now married!) are sitting down, rather than standing up, but the real noticeable difference here is in Aniston's stellar wardrobe: J.Kis is wearing a much spicier number this year than she did in 2015, one which calls attention to her legendary long legs, to say nothing of that plunging neckline. Meanwhile, Theroux is wearing a black suit which is nigh-identical to the blue one he wore in 2015.

By the way, the official portmanteau couple nickname for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux is Jusifer Aniroux.


What do you think? What's your favorite Jennifer Aniston movie? Along Came Polly? The Good Girl? Leprechaun? There are no wrong answers... Except Derailed. That's the wrong answer.

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