Jennifer Aniston's 10 Greatest Movies (According To Rotten Tomatoes)

Jennifer Aniston may be best known for her role as Rachel on Friends, but she has also appeared in plenty of great film roles as well!

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most beloved actresses of our generation. She got her first big breakout role on the popular sitcom, Friends, where she played the iconic role of Rachel Green. From there, she went on to become an accomplished movie star with plenty of romantic comedies under her belt.

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She has branched out more in recent years by dabbling in hard-R comedy movies and next she'll even star in a television show on Apple TV alongside Reese Witherspoon. Given how long Aniston has been active in the industry, she's been part of tons of films. We're looking at her ten best movies according to Rotten Tomatoes.

10 She's the One

She's the One is a romantic ensemble film that Aniston starred in. It's her lowest-rated movie that's still considered fresh. The movie stars two brothers, Mickey and Francis, who have little in common. But before the movie, both men got married. Aniston played Rene, Francis's wife.

However, both men begin to feel competitive about Heather, played by Cameron Diaz. The arrival of Heather back in their lives causes all sorts of complications. Even though She's the One did pretty well with critics, audiences were less enthusiastic about the film. It has a lower score than the critical score, which is rare.

9 Marley and Me

Many people have heard of Marley and Me, although not quite as many people have watched. If you're one of those people that cries easily when animals are involved in any way, then you'll probably want to avoid this one. It's a sad dog movie and even the presence of funny lead actors like Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson isn't enough to make your tears stop flowing.

The movie follows John and Jenny Grogan (Aniston), as they move to Florida to start their new jobs. They get the perfect puppy, named Marley, and at first, he's considered the world's worst dog. But then he helps bring their family closer together.

8 Storks

Storks is one of Aniston's many voice-acting jobs. The animated film stars Andy Samberg in the lead role as a stork who has to figure out how to deliver a baby after it gets mistakenly created from the defunct baby-making machine.

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Aniston voices the character of Sarah Gardner, a workaholic mother who doesn't devote enough time to her child, Nate. This is what triggers Nate to send a letter to the storks in the first place. Despite playing a minor role, Aniston's voice is clearly recognizable in the film. It's a very cute animated feature and certainly worth a watch if you haven't seen it yet.

7 Life of Crime

This black comedy film starred Jennifer Aniston as a socialite who gets kidnapped in a scheme gone awry. The movie is based on a 1978 novel. Unfortunately, the ransom doesn't go according to plan when Mickey's (Aniston) husband, Frank, declines to pay it.

He had already planned on divorcing Mickey to be with his long-time mistress and thus the kidnappers are forced to scramble and find another way of getting money in exchange for their hostage. The movie did pretty well with critics who appreciated the sharp script and the movie's charm. It didn't hurt that the cast was strong and had great chemistry either.

6 Horrible Bosses

Jennifer Aniston received lots of critical praise for her performance in Horrible Bosses. She played one of the horrible bosses in question, a sexually aggressive dentist who wanted to have sex with her dental assistant, Dale Arbus (played by Charlie Day).

Her character, Dr. Julia Harris, continually harasses Dale until he decides it'd be better to kill her alongside his two best friends who also want to get rid of their own bosses. The movie was popular enough to garner a sequel film for which Aniston reprised her role. While the sequel didn't perform quite as well as the first, many loved Aniston's darker comedic turn.

5 Friends with Money

This is one of Aniston's most acclaimed performances. She plays the role of Olivia, a woman strapped for cash who begins working as a maid in Los Angeles. Olivia tries her best to make ends meet but can't seem to find success either financially or romantically.

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Luckily, she does have a close-knit network of women who are in similar situations to her and their friendship helps her get by. The film premiered at the Sundance Festival in 2006. Aside from Aniston Friends with Money also stars Joan Cusack, Catherine Keener, Frances McDormand, Jason Isaacs, Scott Caan, Simon McBurney, and Greg Germann.

4 Office Space

Office Space is a well-known cult film starring Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston, Stephen Root, and Gary Cole. The movie is meant to satirize the everyday work of a typical office. When the film debuted, it didn't perform all that well at the box office.

However, it found new life on DVD afterward and is now considered iconic due to the number of jokes, memes, and its lasting impact on pop culture. Funnily enough, it has had a lasting impact on fans of the film and many of its jokes have even been parodied in other series such as Family Guy.

3 The Good Girl

Roger Ebert declared Aniston's performance in the film The Good Girl to be the breakthrough performance that allowed her to flex her acting capabilities beyond Friends. The movie follows Aniston's character, an unmotivated and depressed cashier who finds herself attracted to a new employee at the job, played by Jake Gyllenhaal.

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The two wind up having a passionate connection and she feels her life might finally be changing for the better until unexpected complications get in the way. Apart from Aniston and Gyllenhaal, The Good Girl also stars John C. Reilly, Tim Blake Nelson, Zooey Deschanel, and Mike White

2 Dumplin'

Dumplin' marks Aniston's first project with Netflix as she not only served as one of the film's stars but also an executive producer. The movie is based on the popular book of the same name written by Julie Murphy. There is a sequel book as well although it is not currently known if Netflix plans on adapting it.

The movie centers around the character of Dumplin' (a nickname), she's a plus-size teenager and she enters the beauty pageant her mother (Aniston) runs. Initially, she signs up only in protest but it evolves into something far more than she ever could have imagined.

1 The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant is the highest-rated film Aniston has ever starred in and it is another one of her voice acting roles. The Iron Giant is an animated adaptation of a Cold War story written by Ted Hughes. It is largely considered one of the best animated movies of all time. Hogarth Hughes, the film's main character, (voiced by Eli Marienthal), forms an unlikely friendship with a fifty-foot tall robot, the iron giant (voiced by Vin Diesel).

Aniston voices the role of Hughes' mother, Annie Hughes, who is a widow of a former military pilot. Hogarth must do what he can to protect the giant when a military agent finds out about him and becomes determined to destroy him.

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