Jeffrey Dean Morgan Teases Flashpoint Batman Again

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan has reiterated his desire to play Flashpoint Batman in DC Comics' shared movie universe. In case you missed Geoff John's massive crossover story arc, the alternate Flashpoint universe is the result of Barry Allen's meddling with the timeline. After going back in time to save his mother's life, the Flash wakes up in a world consumed by chaos. The Amazons are at war with the Atlanteans, Cyborg is the only active Justice Leaguer, and Bruce Wayne isn't even Batman. Instead of his parents (Thomas and Martha Wayne) having been gunned down when he was a boy, it was Bruce who died in that alley in this timeline.

Those tragic events pushed Martha Wayne over the edge, leading her to become the Flashpoint universe's Joker. Thomas Wayne, meanwhile, donned the cape and cowl and became the Dark Knight. The Flashpoint storyline stands as one of DC Comics' most popular alternate universe arcs, so it wasn't a huge surprise when they announced that they're looking to adapt it to the big screen for the Flash's upcoming solo film. And since Jeffrey Dean Morgan already played Thomas Wayne in Batman v Superman, it stands to reason that the Walking Dead star would return for the character's expanded role in the Flashpoint adaptation.

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Comic Book reports that during a recent panel at Walker Stalker Con in New Jersey, Morgan spoke up about his hopes of returning to the DCEU, saying, "There's a role in the DC Universe I've got my eye on". There's little doubt as to which role he's referring to here, since a return appearance as the Flashpoint Batman was the plan all along.

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JDM has been very forward about his desire to play the alt universe Caped Crusader since his debut in BvS. He expressed quite a bit of excitement on his social media accounts over the confirmation of the Flashpoint movie at this year's San Diego Comic Con, and his attempts to play it cool and dodge Batman-related questions during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! were frankly even more telling. That really just confirmed that he's in talks for the role -- and under studio orders to zip it.

As awesome as JDM would be as the Flashpoint Batman, it's still far from a sure thing. The recent underperformance of Justice League has called the entire DCEU into question, so it remains to be seen how much of their planned slate of movies will actually end up making it to the big screen. That said, the Flashpoint film is as likely to happen as any, and if it does end up getting the official green light, JDM is looking like a good bet to star.

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Source: Comic Book

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