Is Jeffrey Dean Morgan Returning to Supernatural?

A while back, word on the street was that the CW network would love to have John Winchester pass on through Supernatural in its 5th season. Howevever, showrunner Eric Kripke has been noted to saying that Jeffrey Dean Morgan's schedule wasn't making it easy to happen.

But was Kripke messing with us?

I ask because Morgan said in an interview with SCI FI Wire that no one has contacted him and adds that he'd love to come back and do an episode.

"I don't know how I'd find the time, but we'll see."

In the same article, Morgan also touched on a rumor that there might be a spin-off  / reboot of Supernatural with different or secondary characters.

He has the same take I do on that rumor: The show would lose 90% of its demographic and it's almost as stupid of an idea / rumor as was the short lived idea by The CW to have The Graysons be a TV series.

So... what's the deal?  Is this all talk from a man with a way-too-busy schedule or does he really want to do a return guest spot?  For the man I'm pulling to play Lobo, I'd rather he go smash things than hunt ghosts! But that's just me if I had to choose.

Best of both worlds?

Have Lobo played by Morgan show up in Supernatural, and the Winchester brothers be freaked out how much he looks like their dad.

Source: SCI FI Wire

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