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Dwayne Johnson has posted a new behind-the-scenes photo from the set of Rampage that showcases Jeffrey Dean Morgan's government agent character. The movie is based (very loosely by the looks of things) on the '80s arcade video game of the same name, which saw players finally get to play as the monster for a change and attempt to destroy a stream of hapless cities while fending off the forces of the military.

The movie adaptation is yet another blockbuster vehicle for WWE wrestler turned Hollywood superstar, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and will also star Naomie Harris, Joe Manganiello, Malin Akerman, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan of Supernatural and The Walking Dead fame. Rampage reunites Johnson with his San Andreas director, Brad Peyton and the film will focus on his character's attempt to stop three super-sized beasts from rampaging in the city.

As has become a habit of Johnson's, the actor has posted a new photo from the set of Rampage on his Instagram which gives fans a first glimpse at Morgan's Agent Russell. The figure is described as belonging to the O.G.A. (Other Government Agency) and Morgan looks all business in his suit, although his character promises to be somewhat of a maverick.

Rampaging nights with my partners in crime, Naomie Harris and Jeffery Dean Morgan. The animal loving anti-poacher Ranger from Rwanda, the groundbreaking geneticist from CRISPR and the cowboy himself from the OGA - the "other" government agency. Three gigantic mutated monsters (silverback, crocodile and grey wolf) rampaging across the country. Party in hell. We'll see you there. #OnSet #Rampage 4-20-2018

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Morgan is currently firmly embedded into the cultural consciousness thanks to his sinister portrayal of Negan in The Walking Dead and there's certainly some of that villain's attitude in Agent Russell's relaxed yet intimidating stance -- even if the baseball bat and leather jacket aren't present. Although Morgan appears to be on villain duty once again in Rampage, the man is a talented actor who will no doubt bring a different flavor of evil-doing to the movie than he does to the inhabitants of Alexandria in his day job.

Though Morgan's presence always guarantees a touch of class to any production, the same can't be said when it comes to video game to film adaptations. Such projects have a less-than-stellar track record, and although some attempts -- such as the Resident Evil franchise -- have proven to be reasonably lucrative, critical success has been much harder to come by.

Although Rampage is perhaps unlikely to be the first truly great video game adaptation, there is a strong chance that it'll be an entertaining piece of popcorn cinema. Johnson and Peyton proved themselves to be a formidable duo on San Andreas and with somewhat similar themes of action and destruction set to feature in Rampage, The Rock could find his run as Hollywood's leading man continues.

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