Jeffrey Dean Morgan Responds to Flashpoint Movie Confirmation

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Warner Bros. threw Ezra Miller's standalone Flash movie for a loop today announcing it will now be called Flashpoint - reflecting the events of the comic event by the same name - and could point to a big role for Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Thankfully, he appears to be up for it. The Flashpoint comic series is an alternate reality created as a result of Barry Allen going back in time to save his mother from being killed. While he is successful in saving her, many other things change as a result - including the outcome of the robbery of the Wayne's. In this timeline, Bruce Wayne is killed instead of his parents.

Audiences saw the typical Batman origin in the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opening featuring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan as Thomas and Martha Wayne. Now, with Flashpoint on the horizon, Morgan has responded and appears ready to take up the mantle.

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Following the announcement, Morgan tweeted out his thoughts on the new direction for the film - one that should incorporate him heavily. His tweet includes a photo of both him and Cohan at San Diego Comic-Con for a panel of The Walking Dead. While their smiles and whispers here were likely not actually about their potential involvement in Flashpoint, it is not something neither would be opposed to. Update: Morgan has also shared new artwork on his Instagram.

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Even though this news was just announced, Morgan has previously expressed his desire to see this storyline adapted and return to don the cowl. Late last year he revealed he was hoping for the chance to do just this, and now he may be allowed to do just that. Considering how many times the Flash solo movie has changed thanks to a variety of individuals joining and later leaving the project, it may be unlikely that they already knew this was going to be the direction the film took. Regardless of whether it was planned or not, the DCEU has found itself with a very capable actor to play the vengeful Batman.

Cohan's thoughts on possibly returning have not yet been made known, but she could have a pivotal role to play as well. In the Flashpoint timeline, Martha Wayne becomes the Joker following the death of her son. She eventually goes on to kill herself upon learning of this alternate timeline where her son lives and becomes the Batman.

If Warner Bros. and DC Films do stick to this plan and use Flashpoint as a way to reboot the universe - just like it did in the comics - it is unclear if either Morgan or Cohan could continue on. Even if it is for just a single film, bringing Morgan back in a bigger capacity in the aftermath of his time as Negan on Walking Dead could be a great move and add another new element to the Flash's movie.

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Flashpoint is currently in development and does not have a release date.

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