Jeff Goldblum Teases Possible Superhero Movie Role

Jeff Goldblum Mysterious

The selection and casting of the right actor for a role is a skill in itself. For every production that sees the light of day, casting directors and an entire ensemble of people have had to carefully weigh their options before committing to the best option for any given role. Sometimes casting decisions pay off and the chosen actor brings something magical to the role. Other times? Not so much.

Then of course, there are the actors who have become so immediately recognizable in their own somewhat obscure way, that they have succeeded in creating their very own brand. Way before the casting process even begins, actors like Bill Murray, Steve Buscemi or Jeff Goldblum seem to always have something unique to offer any role, and it’s exactly this uniqueness that maintains their creative diversity as actors.

Jeff Goldblum’s take on a number of roles – from Dr. Ian Malcolm in the first two Jurassic Park films, to David Levinson in the original Independence Day as well as its upcoming sequel and everything in between – have always given audiences some form of memorable entertainment. It seems only logical then, that sooner or later Goldblum should be tapped to join the comic book movie genre. In a recent interview with MTV News, Goldblum hinted at precisely this. When asked about potential offers from Marvel or DC, Goldblum revealed in his own endearing and eccentric manner that, “I can say very little right now, but you might be on to something.

After being pressed to expand on whether his comic book allegiance lay with Marvel or DC, Goldblum appeared genuinely flummoxed before asking “What’s the difference? They’re both comic franchises.” MTV’s Josh Horowitz then gave a brief summary of which heroes belong to which company, at which point Goldblum quickly thought the issue over and responded that he is “in every camp,” “nothing” and “open to all.” As anyone who has ever seen a Jeff Goldblum interview knows, his is a difficult persona to pin down. He did however, finish his discussion of the superhero issue by simply stating “ this space.

It’s probably safe to say that if Jeff Goldblum does find his way to any superhero movie or franchise, it likely won’t be as a superhero. This isn’t to say that Goldblum’s range isn’t diverse enough to play a hero of some sort, but rather that everything from his mannerisms to his general demeanor as an actor cry out for some sort of villain role. In this capacity, either Marvel or DC would be lucky to nail down a talent of Jeff Goldblum’s calibre and fans of the comic book genre could certainly be in for a treat as well.

The bottom line here is that secrecy is always an aspect of superhero movies – particularly in the early stages. For Goldblum’s part, any movie he could star in is surely some way off. Still, the idea of seeing Jeff Goldblum make his way into either the Marvel or DC universes is worth considering, as it seems almost limitless in its potential to entertain.

Independence Day: Resurgence opens in U.S. theaters on June 24th, 2016.

Source: MTV News

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