Jeff Goldblum Suggested One of Jurassic Park's Best Ian Malcolm Moments

Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park.

Jeff Goldblum has revealed the part he played in creating a key Ian Malcolm moment in Jurassic Park. Goldblum is enjoying a major resurgence in popularity, thanks to his return as Malcolm in this month's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and his turn as the eccentric Grandmaster in last year's Thor: Ragnarok. And he's been using his time in the spotlight wisely.

Despite being one of Goldblum's best-loved characters, Malcolm was almost cut from the franchise altogether (or, at the very least, combined with the character of Alan Grant). It was Goldblum who successfully lobbied to director Steven Spielberg and his Jurassic Park writing team to keep the character in the film. Not only did the beloved actor save Malcolm from the cutting room floor, he was directly responsible for coming up with some of the character's best-remembered moments.

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Anyone could lose their cool when coming face-to-face with a hungry T-Rex. Initially, when the Lex and Tim are stuck in the jeep at the mercy of the dinosaur in Jurassic Park, Malcolm was supposed to run away just like the film's cowardly lawyer did. It was Goldblum's idea to have his character lure the predator away from the helpless children. Speaking to Jake Hamilton, Entertainment Reporter for FOX 32 in Chicago (h/t CinemaBlend), the actor revealed that he suggested Malcolm do something "brave and heroic" and break open the road flare to attract the T-Rex's attention, giving the children and Grant enough time to escape their overturned vehicle. Goldblum gave all credit to Spielberg for agreeing to use the idea, calling the filmmaker a "genius."

It was this moment of heroism that led to another famous Malcolm moment that Goldblum also had a hand in creating. The chaotician becomes injured while luring the T-Rex and is later depicted lounging around the Jurassic Park facilities, his shirt fully unbuttoned. It's a popular image that has almost outgrown the film itself, becoming the subject of parodies, memes, and, of course, a Funko Pop. According to Goldblum, that, too, was his idea. His logic was that the amusement park was located in Costa Rica, it was hot, Malcolm was sweaty and he probably needed to unbutton that shirt to prevent fever. The line of thought may not fully track, but Goldblum said he didn't recall anyone on set arguing against the scene.

Goldblum only reprises Malcolm in a small role in Fallen Kingdom, but the actor has still managed to eke out some mileage from his cameo, having appeared in Super Bowl ads and video game spin-offs as the popular character ahed of the Jurassic World sequel's release. Hopefully, Malcolm's continued popularity will translate to more of these hilarious revelations.

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