Jeff Bridges To Play An Exorcist In 'The Seventh Son'

Moviegoers just couldn't get enough of Jeff Bridges this past winter, if the box office returns for TRON: Legacy and True Grit were anything to go by. Now "The Dude" is prepping to battle sinister supernatural creatures and demons in a new fantasy flick, The Seventh Son.

Bridges is officially onboard for the pic, while younger stars Alex Pettyfer (this month's I Am Number Four) and current Oscar-nominee Jennifer Lawrence (Winter's Bone) have received offers to sign on as well.

The Seventh Son was formerly known as The Spook's Apprentice and is an adaptation of  the first entry in author Joseph Delaney's fantasy series, The Wardstone Chronicles. It takes place in the 17th century English countryside (technically) and revolves around Tom Ward (the role Pettyfer is in talks to play), the seventh son of a seventh son, and a young man (13 years old, in the book) able to see, smell, and detect the presence of ghosts, boggarts, and other mischievous supernatural beings.

Tom eventually begins to train in the art of exorcism and demon battling, under the guidance of "The Spook" (Bridges), a mysterious, cloaked old man who spends his days battling dark and dangerous creatures. One of the individuals that Tom encounters early on in his training is that of Alice (Lawrence's potential role), a relative of the world's most powerful witches - and possibly a sorceress herself.

Just Jared has confirmed that Bridges will play "The Spook" in Seventh Son, which bears more of a resemblance to The Sorcerer's Apprentice than it does last week's exorcist flick, The Rite. If nothing else, chances are good that Bridges won't attempt to battle any demons by grabbing a slimy toad and shaking it violently at the camera while yelling "Diablo!", a la Anthony Hopkins' exorcist character.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="570"]The Rite movie image Hopkins in 'The Rite'.[/caption]

Pettyfer's been on the rise of late and will appear in two wide releases over the next couple of months - the aforementioned I Am Number Four and Beastly, a modernized retelling of Beauty and the Beast; he's also snagged a role in Now, the new sci-fi project from Andrew Niccol (Gattaca). Lawrence made a solid name for her performance as the tough-as-nails Ree Dolly in the Best Picture Oscar-nominee Winter's Bone, and will also appear in two upcoming movies - the Mel Gibson-starring dramedy The Beaver and X-Men: First Class, in which she plays a young Mystique.

Sergei Bodrov (Mongol: The Rise of Ghengis Khan) is attached to direct The Seventh Son, which is now a much higher-profile pic with Bridges, and possibly both Pettyfer and Lawrence, set to star. Warner Bros. probably hopes the film will be the first in a new successful fantasy franchise for them in the post-Harry Potter era - though the studio is certainly not expecting it to be anywhere near as successful as the boy wizard's movies.

We'll keep you updated on The Seventh Son as more information is released.

Source: Just Jared

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