Actual Jedi: Fallen Order Gameplay Will Be Revealed at EA Play

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Footage of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order in action has been a long time coming, but the wait is nearly over. Developer Respawn Entertainment has now confirmed that gameplay of Jedi: Fallen Order is nearly here, as the title will be shown off at EA Play and E3 2019.

So far, Jedi: Fallen Order is shaping up to be quite something. After an initial announcement at E3 2018, Respawn finally gave an idea of what fans should expect at Star Wars Celebration 2019, unveiling a debut trailer that focused on the story of Jedi: Fallen Order. Respawn also confirmed the game would not include any loot boxes, and would be a strictly single player experience - something that gamers had been hoping for.

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It all sounded promising, but some would-be players are still waiting on seeing some actual gameplay before turning that cautious optimism into genuine excitement. That time will come next month. Respawn Entertainment took to Twitter to confirm that Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay will be shown at EA Play and E3 in June.

EA Play is EA's event just ahead of the E3 games expo. Traditionally, it led off with an E3-style presentation before the E3 event proper, but this year EA is mixing things up by removing the presentation aspect altogether. Instead, this year's EA Play will consist of a series of livestreams over the course of June 7-9, starting on the Friday. This will reportedly allow the publisher to show off more gameplay via these livestreams.

The story element of Jedi: Fallen Order has piqued a lot of interest. The game is set following Order 66 but before the events of A New Hope, putting it in an area of Star Wars lore that has not been fully explored aside from the likes of Star Wars Rebels. Meanwhile, the casting of Gotham's Cameron Monaghan as runaway Padawan Cal Ketsis has fans hoping for some strong performances within this narrative framework.

Seeing Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay may well put a lot of minds at ease. Respawn has a fine reputation for action gameplay, as seen by the Titanfall games, but taking on a property such as Star Wars comes with a different set of challenges entirely. By June 9, however, fans will have seen what Jedi: Fallen Order has to offer ahead of its release on November 15 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Source: Respawn Entertainment

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