Van Damme Fighting His Way Into Horror?

When it was announced that a movie was being made about bubblegum, I thought I'd heard it all. Then comes this latest news about action legend Jean-Claude Van Damme, known up until this point for kicking bad-guy ass in action movies (mostly the straight-to-DVD sort in recent years).

Well, it appears that Van Damme's recent semi-autobiographical movie JCVD may have sparked interest in the muscles from Brussels branching out: word is he will soon be starring in a horror movie bluntly called The Breed!

That's right, you read that correctly, Van Damme is making his way into the horror genre. Whilst at the Cannes Film Festival, Van Damme gave us the surprising genre-jumping news:

"This summer I will make a new movie with a famous director called WEAPON. After that I will make a horror movie called THE BREED. Its a great story, great script with true emotion. I want to show the fans i am transferable. i wanted to make a horror movie a few years back but the script was weak and had no direction.

BREED is different it's set in a village where strange things happen... You know, let the movie speak for itself!"

I think this is a great idea. Not only is it a platform for Van Damme to branch out into a genre unknown to him, allowing us to see if he's made of more than muscles and martial arts, but it also shows that he personally wants to star in something other than an action flick. No doubt his action talents will be put to use in one way or another in The Breed, but I think his real motivation is to show us he is capable doing more than one type of film.

There's not a whole lot of additional info about what The Breed is, exactly, other than what Van Damme said above. Comparisons can definitely be drawn between what Van Damme is doing and the other action man, Steven Segal, who recent battled zombies in the straight-to-DVD flick, Against the Dark.

Yeah, word of mouth ain't so good on that one. Let's hope The Breed is a lot better.

What do you think about Jean-Claude Van Damme starring in a horror movie? Do you think "The Muscles From Brussels" and the horror genre will be suited to one another?

Source: Joblo's ArrowInTheHead

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