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The time is nigh when the world will once again be graced with the highly-anticipated new movie Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, featuring two of New Jersey's finest stoner besties, Jay and Silent Bob. The cult-fave characters, originated by actors and close friends Jason Mewes (Jay) and Kevin Smith (Silent Bob), have joined forces for the first time in nearly 20 years to make another film focused on the titular duo.

The last time fans saw Jay and Silent Bob in their own movie, it was 2001 and they were starring in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. In that film, Jay and Silent Bob caught wind that the comic based on their lives, Bluntman and Chronic, was being turned into a movie. The news didn't sit well with them and the boys ventured off to Hollywood to do whatever it took to stop the movie from being made.

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In a distinctly modern, meta twist, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will basically retell this story but will feature updated takes on Bluntman and Chronic, include lots of fun characters played by top actors, and will help fans catch up on what's been going on with Jay and Silent Bob since they were last onscreen. For those looking for a complete rundown on what's going on with Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, here's everything we know so far.

The Jay & Silent Bob Release Date Is Coming Up

An exact release date hasn't been confirmed for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, but it has been slated for release in 2019. Given the fact that 2019 is halfway done and there's still be no new promotional images or footage, it's likely Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will be released sometime in the late fall or winter of 2019. At this point, the release date will most likely be confirmed when a trailer or new poster for the film comes out.

Jason Mewes And Kevin Smith Are Back For The Jay & Silent Bob Reboot

Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith as Jay and Silent Bob

Fans know this goes without saying but it bears repeating: Jay and Silent Bob Reboot would never happen if Smith and Mewes both weren't on board to return to their iconic roles. These two have been professional collaborators for the better part of 30 years; if they weren't coming back at Jay and Silent Bob, nobody would. Back in 2017, Mewes was on the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot frontlines both hyping up and teasing the forthcoming next installment in the Jay and Silent Bob saga. Speaking to ComicBook, Mewes revealed:

"I’ve read the script, and it’s amazing and it’s super clever. It’s called Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, and it’s Jay and Bob making fun of reboots. It’s funny - a couple of people have asked me, ‘Are you guys even playing the characters if it’s a reboot?’ It’s not really a reboot, Kevin called it Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, and it’s us making fun of reboots, but the script’s awesome. It’s very funny."

From there, it's been a foregone conclusion Smith would hop back into the director's chair and star alongside Mewes - the proof of which fans have seen on social media since 2017 and, more noticeably, during the first half of 2019.

Chris Hemsworth, Rosario Dawson And More Joined The Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Cast

Thor and Jay and Silent Bob

At this point, asking who isn't in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will likely get a quicker, more succinct answer because Smith has brought together a wildly talented bunch of familiar faces for this film. Among those who will be appearing onscreen with Smith and Mewes are: Chris Hemsworth, whose involvement was confirmed in April; Rosario Dawson, who came back to work with Smith after appearing in Clerks II; former WWE star Chris Jericho, who confirmed his involvement in Reboot when he shared photos with Smith and Mewes on set in March; longtime friend and collaborator Brian O'Halloran, who landed on everyone's radar when he starred in Smith's career-making film Clerks. Also included are Joe Manganiello, Craig Robinson, Frankie Shaw, Justin Long, and various cast members of The Flash. By and large, many of the supporting characters being played by these actors have been kept under wraps, although the Instagram photo confirming Manganiello, Robinson, Shaw, and Long's casting hinted they would be playing a cop, a judge, and lawyers, respectively.

The Jay And Silent Bob Reboot Will Include Comic Book Twists

Jay and Silent Bob Bluntman and Chronic

This wouldn't be a legitimate Jay and Silent Bob movie without a healthy dose of comic book references. Because Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will be focused on Jay and Silent Bob stopping a reboot of the Bluntman and Chronic movie, the guys will probably also be making or encounter lots of references and homages to other comic book characters.

As for Bluntman and Chronic, specifically, Smith has made some interesting adjustments and proceeded to tease them on social media. During week 3 of shooting in March, Smith teased on Twitter that Bluntman and Chronic, the marijuana-themed superheroes they played in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, are returning in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Smith posted a photo of the classic Bluntman and Chronic suits hanging up in a glass case in one corner of the room while the rest of the room was filled with the trappings of the infamous Bluntcave.

Smith's tweet not only teased the return of Bluntman and Chronic, as well as completely updated Bluntman and Chronic costumes, but it also hinted at big, unique changes to the characters. His tweet ended with this mysterious tease: "And wait ‘til you see who plays Bluntman and Chronic in their reboot..."Of course, Smith has kept his lips sealed on who would be playing Bluntman and Chronic in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot if it wasn't going to be himself and Mewes taking on the roles.

Just a thought: Could (or would) frequent and longtime Smith collaborator Ben Affleck, who has also been the latest actor to play the Caped Crusader onscreen, appear in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot as either Bluntman or Chronic? Could Smith have staged a full-on Dogma reunion and somehow also landed Matt Damon, too? Affleck and Damon have never been opposed to poking fun at themselves or taking on silly parts (see: Damon's role in Thor: Ragnarok).

There's No Jay And Silent Bob Reboot Trailer Yet

Jay and Silent Bob and monkey

Even though the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot wrapped filming in March 2019 and is expected to come out later in the year, there has been nary a peep on when a first-look teaser or a full-length trailer will be released. Despite no official announcement being made, Smith did hint on June 21 that the film is entering into the final stages of post-production. With this in mind, chances are good fans will get, at minimum, a teaser and official poster, or other promotional materials, in late summer or early fall. Fingers crossed one or both of these promotional materials can get fans properly excited and prepared for what is coming in this next great chapter in the Jay & Silent Bob saga; they've been waiting for long enough.

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