Kevin Smith Says Production Starts on Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Next Week

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Kevin Smith says that production on Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will begin next week. The sequel to 2001’s Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back has been in the works for just over two years now, with the plot having recently been revealed by Smith and co-star Jason Mewes, and Saban films picking up the film’s North American distribution rights.

The Jay and Silent Bob characters have been a major ongoing part of Smith’s filmmaking, with the pair having first been introduced in his 1994 debut Clerks. Since that time, the stoner duo (played by Smith and Mewes) have been recurring characters in many of Smith’s films. As their popularity grew to cult status levels, they appeared together in their own feature film and have since branched out into everything from TV to a video game to a new VR series. Arguably one of the most well known carry-overs from Smith’s body of work, Jay and Silent Bob continue to offer comedic mileage some twenty-five years after first appearing on movie screens around the world.

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With the new sequel announced and ready to go, fans of Jay and Silent Bob are likely eager for the entire production to get moving, and now it's officially about to happen. According to a tweet from Kevin Smith, production on Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is set to begin next week. The star’s tweet highlights not just the start date of his film, but also how unexpected and difficult aspects of his life have been since the heart attack that nearly killed him. Check out the tweet below:

It has been almost a year since Smith made headlines after suffering a massive heart attack. In the time since, he has dropped a considerable amount of weight, become a vegan, and seems to have a brand new lease on life. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will be his first film since his health troubles and the fact that he’s returning to such familiar characters first and foremost is perhaps as much of a comfort for Smith as it is for so many of his fans. The new film will follow Jay and Silent Bob as they travel across the country to Hollywood in order to stop production on the reboot of the film based on their lives. According to a very eager Smith, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will poke fun at sequels, remakes, and reboots while being all three of those things itself.

Kevin Smith has always relied on a certain degree of silliness in his filmmaking, and for years he’s worked to keep his characters loyal to the Askewniverse he’s created. By returning to his roots with Jay and Silent Bob, Smith is not only providing his fans with the chance to see a new film starring the beloved duo, but also giving back to the fanbase that has enabled him to still do what he loves after all these years. Even at the age of 48, Smith is still very much one of the most headstrong, independently-minded filmmakers working today. Much of that success can be attributed to his positive outlook and hard work, but at least some portion of that success is owed to his willingness to make films like Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and to entertain his fans at all costs.

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