Kevin Smith Teases A Fall Release for Jay & Silent Bob Reboot

Jay and Silent Bob

Kevin Smith has teased a Fall 2019 release for the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. The film will mark the second time that the popular stoner duo (played by Jason Mewes and Smith, respectively), have starred in their own feature length release, with the last time being all the way back in 2001 with Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Though that film’s box-office take wasn’t that impressive, the two characters have held on to a cult-status ever since they first appeared in 1994’s Clerks.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back followed the pair as they traveled across the country to Los Angeles in order to stop production on a Bluntman and Chronic movie - Bluntman and Chronic, of course, being the comic book alter-egos of Jay and Silent Bob. With Smith having recently revealed the plot of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, fans are aware of exactly how much the upcoming film mirrors the original in terms of plot. This time the trip across the country to LA is done in order to stop a Bluntman and Chronic reboot and Smith has pointed out that the entire film mocks sequels, remakes, and reboots while still being all those things.

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From making the initial announcement that Jay and Silent Bob would be returning once again, to actually commencing production, things seem to have been moving at speedy rate for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. The latest update on the production comes to us courtesy of Smith himself when he appeared on The Mike Calta Radio Show (via CBR) and revealed that at present, a Fall 2019 release date is planned. When Calta asked whether fans would have a lengthy wait once shooting was finished on Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Smith replied, “Oh listen, no, I think we’re out in the fall. Yeah, it’s a quick turnaround.”

A turnaround time like that is clearly quite quick. Having suffered a near fatal heart attack a year ago, Smith has not wavered in this slightest in getting himself back into top form. Aside from his downright astonishing weight loss, new vegan diet, and apparent fresh lease on life, Smith has also not wasted any time at all in getting straight to work on numerous projects. In addition to Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Smith is reportedly finishing up work on horror-comedy anthology Killroy Was Here, as well as getting a Jay and Silent Bob VR series off the ground. And this is all before moving on to other planned projects like the long-gestating and final instalment of his True North Trilogy, Moose Jaws and his “Smusical”, Helena Handbag.

If things go as planned for Smith, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is aiming for a 21-day shoot. This time frame mirrors the time that it took to shoot his debut, Clerks, though on a far greater budget than that of the 1994 cult-hit. Should the film secure a Fall 2019 release as Smith claims, fans will be enjoying Jay and Silent Bob's sequel faster than anticipated. Some, however, may balk at the quality of a film that is shot, edited and released in under 10 months. Then again, this is Kevin Smith we’re talking about and if there’s one thing that anyone – fan or not – can agree on, it’s that the 48 year-old filmmaker has always done things his way and has maintained a strong career while doing it. Smith knows these characters and he knows his own abilities, meaning fans can likely expect Jay and Silent Bob Reboot sooner rather than later.

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Source: The Mike Calta Radio Show (via CBR)

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