Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Clip is a Perfect Batman V Superman Parody

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

Jason Mewes made an appearance at the 2019 Saturn Awards to debut a new sneak peek at Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. Mewes debuted as one-half of the titular duo in 1994's ultra-low-budget comedy, Clerks. He later reprised the role in such other cult classics as Chasing Amy, Dogmaand Mallrats. The less vocal of the two is played by Kevin Smith. Smith also served as the writer and director of each aforementioned installment. They would later headline their own movie, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, in 2001 before returning to cameos for Clerks 2.

In the years since, Smith has further cultivated his already-passionate following with various podcasts and stand-up specials, while simultaneously producing passion projects like Tusk and Yoga Hosers. He also made the move to television, directing episodes of both The Flash and Supergirl. Following a near-fatal heart attack, however, the popular writer/director opted to return to what has come to be known as the View Askewniverse. An announcement for Jay & Silent Bob Reboot was made in 2017. Fans were finally treated to the first official trailer at San Diego Comic-Con - which boasted a star-studded ensemble of cameos, including the surprising return of Ben Affleck to Smith's cinematic fold.

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Mewes made an appearance at the 45th annual Saturn Awards to announce one of the award winners. Before he did, however, he offered fans a glimpse at some brand-new footage for his upcoming film. Captured and shared online by a Twitter user, SunKaraAlexRara, the clip features Supergirl star Melissa Benoist and former Batman actor Val Kilmer as, presumably, fictional versions of themselves acting in the film-within-the-film that the titular characters are attempting to stop. Pitting Blunt Man (Kilmer) and Chronic (Benoist) against each other, the scene is a hilarious (albeit it extremely low-budget) parody of the battle between the Caped Crusader and Man of Steel in Batman v Superman - right down to the use of a cannabis-based weapon similar to Batman's kryptonite grenade. Check it out below:

The clip also illuminates Tommy Chong's role in the film. Though the actor was previously seen in the trailer, the new footage clarifies that he will also feature in the film-within-the-film alongside Benoist and Kilmer. Based on the dialogue (and the combination of a cigarette and pizza box he's holding) Chong will be a tongue-in-cheek, stoner approximation of Batman's trusted butler, Alfred. Packed with numerous other pop culture references, puns, and knowingly low-brow humor Smith is famous for, the scene will no doubt please long-term fans of his work and prove to be everything they'd hoped for.

The scene also serves to add a wrinkle to what fans might have expected from the plot. The film, after all, is set to be a hilarious commentary on the current culture of remakes and reboots - all while being essentially a meta-retelling of the same story from Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. As such, the iconic, titular pair will once again venture to Hollywood in order to prevent a movie based on their in-world comic likenesses from being made. Based on Silent Bob's reactions and Jay's outright comments, however, it would appear that they come to appreciate the very film they'd been intending to stop. Even to the point of casting aside How High as their favorite movie. Fans will be able to see whether that remains the case and how everything officially turns out when Jay & Silent Bob Reboot officially goes on tour.

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Source: SunKaraAlexRara/Twitter

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