What To Expect From Jay & Silent Bob 3

Will Jay and Silent Bob 3 happen, and if so, when will it release? Here's what to expect for Kevin Smith's follow-up to Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

Jay and SIlent Bob Reboot Roadshow

Kevin Smith finally released Jay and Silent Bob Reboot in 2019, and fans of the View Askewniverse want to know if a Jay and Silent Bob 3 is next. In Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Jason Mewes and Smith reprise their roles as the respective title characters. They first emerged as pot-dealing pals in Clerks, and later had memorable moments in both Mallrats and Chasing Amy.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is a direct sequel to the 2001 movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, as the protagonists grow marijuana and ultimately attempt to prevent none other than Smith himself from directing "Bluntman v Chronic", a meta movie reboot that’s based on the Jay and Silent Bob personas. In real life, the characters have appeared in comics, television series, and video games.

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With Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Smith has gone back to his cinematic roots after experiencing a near-fatal heart attack in 2018. Moving forward, Smith has made it clear that he'll be making more sequels and reboots - but will they be part of the filmmaker's unique movie universe? Here’s everything we expect for Jay and Silent Bob 3.

Will Jay and Silent Bob 3 Happen?

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot movie poster

Jay and Silent Bob 3 seems likely, but Smith currently has several movie projects in the works. Produced for $10 million, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot released on October 15, 2019 in the United States, and the mostly-positive reviews suggest that Smith may want to streamline a third installment. Given the filmmaker’s health scare, though, he’ll probably take his time with each new project. The Jay and Silent Bob storyline will presumably continue through upcoming franchise movies.

Other View Askewniverse Movies Could Happen

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot
Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

As of now, Smith plans to incorporate Jay and Silent Bob into Moose Jaws, the third chapter of the “True North” trilogy that began with Tusk and Yoga Hosers. While Smith has indeed spoken about this film in the past, other View Askewniverse movies have been officially confirmed.

Smith recently announced that he changed the storyline for Clerks III. Now, the meta narrative will be about Randall Graves surviving a heart attack, and deciding to make Clerks - Smith's real life feature debut - with co-worker and friend Dante Hicks. In addition to Clerks III, Smith announced his plans to direct Mallrats II at Los Angeles Comic Con 2019. The aforementioned movies will theoretically be released before Jay and Silent Bob 3.

Jay and Silent Bob 3 Release Date Info

It’s possible that Smith could release at least one new movie per year. However, the evidence suggests that Jay and Silent Bob 3 is probably four-to-six years away from releasing, at least if Smith continues to make a new film every two-to-three years. So, if Clerks III and Mallrats II are already planned, it’s highly unlikely that Smith will set a firm Jay and Silent Bob 3 release date.

Jay and Silent Bob 3 Story Details

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

Assuming that Jay and Silent Bob make brief cameos in future View Askewniverse movies, Jay and Silent Bob 3 will likely pick up where Jay and Silent Bob Reboot concludes. In the latest film, Jay learns that he fathered Millennium Faulken, who is portrayed by Smith’s actual daughter, Harley Quinn Smith. Now that Jay and Millie both know the truth about their bloodline connection, Jay and Silent Bob 3 will likely explore their bond, with Silent Bob providing comic relief. A third installment would be the ideal platform for Smith’s daughter, and he may choose one of her real-life friends, Lily-Rose Depp, as a potential co-star. The duo previously acted together in Smith’s Tusk and Yoga Hosers. For now, Jay and Silent Bob 3 is only an idea.

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