Super Troopers Director Met With Marvel About An MCU Movie

Cult film director and comedic legend Jay Chandrasekhar revealed that he's a potential contender for a Marvel film. The director is best known for his work with Broken Lizard, the comedic troop behind Broken Lizard's Club Dread, Beerfest, and the cult film classic Super Troopers. Hot off the heels of the release of Super Troopers 2the film and television director could deliver something really special that would walk the fine line between Marvel's family-friendly sensibilities and Deadpool, a film far more in line with Broken Lizard's usual style.

Chandrasekhar is best known for his humor, with films like Super Troopers developing a considerable fan following. With Marvel searching for directors for its Phase 4 slate, the time is ripe to consider different perspectives. Chandrasekhar has managed to combine his comedic talent with a flair for drama in television projects like Fresh off the Boat and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Marvel seems to be taking all of this into account when looking at Chandrasekhar who shared that the studio seemed interested in asking if he had any projects he'd like to work on.

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The actor and director sat down with Syfy to discuss that and his interest in fan properties, revealing that Marvel seemed interested in letting him pursue projects with them. Chandrasekhar shared that Marvel reached out to him and asked what he'd be into and what he'd like to add to the fourth phase of the MCU at large.

They sent me the Marvel Encyclopedia and they said, what do you guys want to do? So, it's upstairs. My kid's going through it. And he's going to make a list of what he thinks we should do, and I'll go through it. I'm curious to see what a 13-year-old's mind comes up with. There are certain ones that are owned by Fox, so you can't do those. But there are plenty of people there — I mean, look at Deadpool. You're like, well I didn't know you could do that. Great. Let's do something like that. Right?

Super Troopers Maple Syrup

The director suggested that he might not be the only director that they reached out to, which bodes well for Phase 4 in the MCU. Marvel is no stranger to out of the box directors who pursue projects that they're passionate about. Unusual directors like James Gunn have made impressive marks on the MCU with Guardians of the Galaxy, as has with Taika Waititi's brilliant Thor: Ragnarok. Nothing is set in stone as far as Jay Chandrasekhar officially joining the MCU however, even if it's something they should strongly consider.

While Broken Lizard's films might be better suited towards material found at Fox, the director could adapt any number of strange and unusual characters to the MCU. Even with Broken Lizard leaning more towards comedy, that's not to say that the right character couldn't draw an excellent dramatic piece of even a horror film out of the comedic director. It might be a daunting task however, Broken Lizard's lead performer was first to admit that he has to find something that catches his eye and his material does tend to things that would be a radical departure from the rest of the current MCU.

The fact that the current iteration of the MCU is ending, however, could be a major blessing for any project from Chandrasekhar. There might be room for a darker more adult property in Phase 4. Even if there isn't, if the Disney and Fox deal concludes Broken Lizard could have multiple Fox properties to pick from as well, some of which carry a documented history of more mature themesEven if no project goes forward for  Chandrasekhar and the Broken Lizard team, it's a positive sign from Marvel Studios that they're committed to thinking far outside the box for material, making the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe seem brighter then ever.

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Source: Syfy

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