Open Water Cast and Shark

In 2003, viewers got a chance to see a different type of shark attack in the drama Open Water. Instead of one shark attacking civilians, this film focused on a couple who is left behind in the middle of the ocean, when their scuba-diving boat disappears without them on it. Based on a true story, this low-budget movie showed that a good shark movie didn't need to rely on special effects to create scares.

This film - aside from the obvious similarities it shares with Jaws - features a distinctive shout-out to its predecessor. The last names of Susan and Daniel - the two main characters - are Watkins and Kintner.  In Jaws, (according to IMDb) "the skinny-dipping girl who serves as the shark's first victim is named Chrissie Watkins, and the second victim, the young boy who is killed on his inflatable raft, is named Alex Kintner."

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