A Jaws 3D Remake - No, We're Not Kidding (Well... Maybe)

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the theater...

Universal Pictures has apparently given up on trying to make original motion pictures based on new ideas because the only thing they seem eager to do lately is remake their classic monster movies. First they unwrapped the Mummy from his tomb, then they announced the Creature from the Black Lagoon would be rising from the murky depths once more, The Wolfman comes out this weekend and most recently they announced the leads for The Thing prequel.

Think they're done? Not by a long shot, my friends.

Now comes some information via an unconfirmed source from Cinema Blend inside Universal Pictures that they intend to go into the water once more and bring Jaws back to the big screen. Oh yeah, of course they are talking about 3D as well. This isn’t the first time the studio has attempted a 3D version of the greatest horror film ever set in the sea: Back in 1983, when 3D glasses had blue and red lenses, Jaws 3D came out and was set in the Sea World theme park in Orlando, Florida.

Now, it’s bad enough that they might remake a complete classic that doesn’t need to be remade but check out whose name is being thrown around to replace Richard Dreyfuss in the role of scientist Matt Hooper: Comedian Tracy Morgan (Cop Out). Oh man... Let the party begin! I wonder if I can buy tickets for this movie on Fandango yet *eye roll*?

Now this is from an unconfirmed source who contacted Cinema Blend, so file this under rumor and possible B.S. But really, considering the recent spate of reboots AND 3D mania it doesn't seem out of the question.

I surely hope that doesn’t happen. Hooper is a scientist and if Morgan is cast to play him, it will be the 3rd worst casting of a person to play a scientist I have ever seen. The first would be Tara Reid as Dr. Aline Cedrac in Alone in the Dark and second is Denise Richards as Dr. Christmas Jones in The World is Not Enough.  Talk about an actor stretching their ability past what they are able to do!

Moving on to the obvious VFX for the shark, it would most likely be entirely CGI and because it’s cheaper to convert a film in post to 3D than to film with special cameras, chances are the 3D will not be all that impressive. But why should a little thing like cinematic integrity stop Universal from making a quick buck? Let’s assume they spent $100 million on the production and another $25 million to market, with worldwide sales thrown into box office numbers now, Universal would most likely recoup their investment to the tune of $200 million or more. Why is that? The extra cost for 3D of course! All those extra $3 per ticket fees add up mighty quick - just ask James Cameron.

I’ll go on record right now saying that if Universal goes through with this Jaws 3D remake, then I will not go see it. I don’t care who they get to direct or star in it. Speaking of directors, who wants to take bets that they tap an unknown or little known director to cut his (inexpensive) teeth on this film?

What are your thoughts on a possible Jaws remake in 3D? Does it make you sad to know that almost all original ideas in Hollywood are disappearing fast?

Source: Cinema Blend

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